Warren Buffett's long-term view regarding investments has proven to be successful over time as Berkshire Hathaway.

Warren Buffett- Long Term View

Warren Buffett- The Top Investors

If there's one thing that has created Buffett one of the top investors in the history of investing the commitment.

Although a variety of new investment strategies and algorithmic approaches have emerged through the decades.

Warren Buffett- New Investment

Buffett has maintained his very simple approach of choosing good companies that are focused on growth.

Warren Buffett- Simple Approach

It might seem strange for someone who has a disciplined approach to long-term investing doesn't have any interest.

Warren Buffett- Disciplined Approach

Buffett isn't averse to making investments in the real estate market. In fact, he's invested in a variety of REITs.

Warren Buffett- Real State Market

Buffett is aware that his time should be invested in identifying companies to invest in, rather than managing.

Warren Buffett- Identifying Companies

Real estate is a difficult business. For the majority of people, it demands scaling the business to include multiple properties.

Warren Buffett- Difficult Business

Image Source-Fortune, Inc.magazine

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