Desmond Ridder- NFL History

Dez Bryant is perhaps the most well-known "Dez" of recent NFL history however, this Former All-Pro receiver.

Taken note of a second "Des" thanks to his recent praise for Atlanta Falcons rookie Desmond Ridder.

Desmond Ridder- Recent Praise

Desmond Ridder- Preseason Game

Ridder concluded the preseason game with a score of 103 yards and two touchdowns in the NFL Game.

Ridder not only Ridder delight the fans of Atlanta and beyond, but Ridder also caught attention of Bryant.

Desmond Ridder- Delighted by Fans

Although he was giving praise to Ridder however, his veteran Cowboys as well as Ravens wide receiver.

Desmond Ridder- Veteran Cowboys

Bryant also said he feels Ridder is able to read more than Mariota and will not fold during situations.

Desmond Ridder- Able to Read More

Time will tell whether Bryant's assertions are accurate. However, for the moment, fans are excited.

Desmond Ridder- Accurate Assertions

Desmond Ridder- Touchdowns

Image Source- Sporting News

Quarterback Desmond Ridder delivered a 21-yard touchdown towards Jared Bernhardt in the closing.

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