Nick Chubb- Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns runningback Nick Chubb recently expressed his opinion on keeping Kareem Hunter in town.

Nick Chubb has spoken, and the Cleveland Browns need to hear it. He would like to play with Kareem.

Nick Chubb- Play with Kareem

Nick Chubb- NFL Network

This thought was shared by Chubb in an NFL Network interview. When Chubb was asked about the fact.

Hunt and Chubb are the best running back pair in the league. Some have suggested that Chubb is "Batman".

Nick Chubb- Best Running Back

He claimed he was more like this. This character is a ninja fighter who seeks revenge on those who have hurt.

Nick Chubb- Ninja Fighter

Given that Chubb can only speak a few words, the Browns should take his words seriously.

Nick Chubb- A Few Words

Since Earnest Byner and Kevin Mack, there hasn't been a Cleveland duo of runningbacks like this pair.

Nick Chubb- Duo Runningbacks

Image Source- Dawg Pound Daily

Hunt should be on the trading block. Even though the Browns said they wouldn't accept this type of trade.

Nick Chubb- Accept this Type

Image Source- Draftkings Nation

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