DeAndre Ayton- Phoenix Suns

A win/win situation after the Phoenix Suns match an offer sheet from Indiana Pacers to keep Deandre.

The Suns were able to keep their No. Ayton was awarded the financial security that he had been seeking.

DeAndre Ayton- Was Awarded

DeAndre Ayton- Positive Light

Phoenix's situation and their handling of it in a positive light, especially since the Suns are pursuing Kevin Durant.

Bleacher Report's Jake Fischer stated that Phoenix was subject to a lot criticism on the podcast.

DeAndre Ayton- On the Podcast

I will say this: There was a lot of criticism directed at the Suns from all sides of the league.

DeAndre Ayton- Of the League

The way they handled Ayton, and the fact they had to match the deal, then cap experts I know.

DeAndre Ayton- Cap Experts

Fischer said that Jalen Duren's story made it clear that the trade was not a viable option.

DeAndre Ayton- The Trade

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You would have been able to use Deandre Ayton more effectively in trade talks to find other pieces.

DeAndre Ayton- Trade Talks

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