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The Indianapolis Colts have six wide receivers on their roster and all of them have had fairly good training camps.

However, the national media believes that the Colts an option where a veteran player could make it

Will Fuller- Could Make It

NFL reporter Alex Ballentine of Bleacher Report stated that Indianapolis as one of the top three options for former first-round selection Will Fuller. 

Will Fuller- Bleacher Report

The Colts are familiar with Fuller well since the former Colt was a five-year player playing in the AFC South with the Houston Texans.

Will Fuller- Houstans Texans

Fuller was part of The Miami Dolphins last year, but he only played three matches before the Dolphins put Fuller on reserve for injury.

Will Fuller- For The Injury

Ballentine has ranked the top 10 players in free agency after the August 30 roster cuts.

Will Fuller- August 30 Roster Cuts

Will Fuller- Wide Recivers

Image Source- CBS Sport, Yardbarker

He also listed the three most suitable players of each. Ballentine put Fuller as the No. five on this list, and 2nd among wide receivers.

The most recent time when he played more than two games during the course of a season.

Will Fuller- A Season

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