Justin Herbert- Young Quarterback

Justin Herbert is one of the most promising young quarterbacks on the NFL. But, the fans won't witness.

The 24-year-old take one single game in his preseason game for the third consecutive season.

Justin Herbert- Single Game

Justin Herbert- Across the League

That strategy has been adopted across the league so much that in the future, a lot of the most talented players.

Chargers Head coach Brandon Staley has made the decision to put off the first-string players like Herbert.

Justin Herbert- Made the Decision

Whether it's in an opportunity or an unproven player who we believe that these experiences will be beneficial.

Justin Herbert- Unproven Player

The thought of not resting in 2020 AP Offensive Rookie of the Year didn't impact his performance this season.

Justin Herbert- Offensive Rookie

To give a sense of the level of success Herbert has been over the first two seasons of the NFL.

Justin Herbert- Level of Success

He holds the third most passing yards of an NFL quarterback since the year 2020 (9,350 yards).

Justin Herbert- Most Passing Yards

Image Source- ESPN

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