Niners- Running Back

The 49ers Faithful have become fans' favorite running back Jordan Mason in his two preseason games.

Tennessee native, who played four years at Georgia Tech, ran for 2,349 yards, 17 touchdowns.

Niners- Tennessee Native

Niners- Undrafted Rookie

The undrafted rookie stated this week, "If you look at it, they brought Jahmyr Gibbs in, you know.

He's a player so you can see that he had plans. You also know that we shared the carries.

Niners- Shared Carries

Mason took 16 snaps and ran for 57 yards on nine runs in the win against Minnesota Vikings.

Niners- Minnesota Vikings

This included a 17-yard run that broke five tackles. Many fans are hopeful that the undrafted rookie.

Niners- Undrafted Rookie

Kyle Shanahan, the 49ers' head coach, has a strong track record of bringing in running backs.

Niners- Head Coach

Image Source- Niners Nation

Niners- His Running Style

Image Source- NY Times

Mason described how his running style matches the 49ers' offense by saying, "Like eight yards behind the QB.

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