The new Xbox Store listing confirms the All-New Battlefield 2042 & FIFA 22 as a Game Pass and an EA Play game.

BattleGround 2042 & FIFA 22 on XBox

The Gamers have to Pay $15 a month the enable the subscriptions on the Game Pass Ultimate in the Xbox.

BattleField 2042 & FIFA 22- Price

Both the Games namely BattleField 2042 & FIFA 22 are just 7 months old when they were released in the November 2021.

BattleGround 2042 & FIFA 22- Release Date

The XboX Cloud Gaming Platforms have announced several other new games in every 2 weeks of span.

BattleField 2042 & FIFA 22- Other New Games

The Xbox Users have got a large number of games available for download thanks to the Xbox gaming subscriptions.

BattleGround 2042 & FIFA 22- Benefits

The Game Pass Logo on the BattleField 2042 has appeared as per the recent listings making clear that it is added to subscriptions.

BattleField 2042 Game Pass Logo Appeared 

The XBox Cloud Gaming Platform was trending all-over the Internet & the subscribers were eager to know its launch date.

BattleGround 2042 & FIFA 22- User Response

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BattleField 2042 & FIFA 22- SWIPE UP!!!