Microsoft Xbox Streaming Stick

Microsoft gaming CEO Phil Spencer revealed you’d likely be able to stream Xbox games to your TV.

The company confirmed it would soon offer both a smart TV app and an Xbox streaming stick to make it happen. 

Microsoft Xbox Streaming Stick- Confirmed

Microsoft Xbox Streaming Stick- Grubb Said

Grubb now says we can expect the Xbox puck “in the next 12 months,” which I will remind you is the same exact phrase.

The Verge, have spilled quite a bit of ink writing about how well-positioned Microsoft is with cloud gaming.

Xbox Streaming Stick- Well Positioned

Xbox Streaming Stick- Games Free

Xbox Game Pass subscription service is the true next-gen Xbox, particularly now that it’s buying Activision Blizzard.

Cloud gaming still has a lot to prove, but when you can just slap a controller on a phone and call it a portable Xbox.

Xbox Streaming Stick- Cloud Gaming

Xbox Streaming Stick- Already Developed

I will also remind you that Microsoft already developed a similar product last decade but canceled it before a planned E3 2016 debut.

both VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb and The Verge’s own Tom Warren are reporting that the wait isn’t over.

Microsoft Xbox Streaming Stick- Wait More

Microsoft Xbox Streaming Stick- Swipe Up!!!

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