Xiaomi Instant Water Purifier Q800

The Mi Instant Water Purifier is white in color and has a stylish design. It has an easy-to-use interface that allows it to connect with the Mi Home app. The app displays the water’s Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) levels live after filtration.  

Xiaomi Instant Water Purifier Q800- TDS Reduction Technology 

It has a stylish design and a pristine white body. The Xiaomi Mi Water purifier has an impressive TDS reduction of 99.7%, which is the highest possible level. TDS refers to the concentration of different minerals and elements in water, such as sodium and calcium.  

Xiaomi Instant Water Purifier Q800- Ergonomics

The Mi water purifier has a beautiful white body and stylish design. The TDS level of the water that comes out of the Xiaomi Mi water purifier is under 200 ppm, or 135 ppm for most people.  

Xiaomi Instant Water Purifier Q800- Heating Technology

Its 360 degree surround heating technology prevents any involvement from the pipeline in the water supply and repeats thousands of boiling water cycles. 

Xiaomi Instant Water Purifier Q800- Connectivitites

The Mi Water purifier has a pristine white body. However, the color may turn a light brown if there is dust on it. Its Bluetooth-enabled system is compatible with the Mi Home app. 

The Xiaomi Instant Water Purifier Q800 is a new hot water dispenser announced by the company on its Weibo account. The unit has an automatic on/off feature and starts at a price of 3,799 Yuan.