Houston Astros' Yordan Alvarez was removed from his field Wednesday evening following an unsettling crash.

Yordan Alvarez- Houston Astros

Alvarez and Pena were both following the ball of a flyer that hit the left field, which was in the eighth inning.

Yordan Alvarez- Following the Ball

The two were down for a while and clearly shaken. Pena left the field on his own strength and did not return.

Yordan Alvarez- Scary Collision

Alvarez has been replaced with Chas McCormick. Pena became the replacement for Mauricio Dubon.

Yordan Alvarez- Was Replaced by

Jason Castro lifted the Astros to victory with his 2-run homer in the ninth. This was their second win against the Mets.

Yordan Alvarez- Astros Won the Match

It's not known what Alvarez and Pena do, however Alvarez was able to return to the clubhouse with his own authority.

Yordan Alvarez- Able to Return

Image Source- Climbingtalshill

As per the Houston Chronicle's Chandler Rome. The Astros will play next week the New York Yankees.

Yordan Alvarez- Will Play Next Week

Image Source- Sportskeeda

Alvarez did get up but was taken off the field which clearly depicts that the hit was quite damaging.

Yordan Alvarez- Quite Damaging

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