Just an hour prior to the start time at the beginning of Monday, a severe weather watch was issued.

Yu Darvish- Beginning of Monday

Yu Darvish was set to play for the Padres was still in the field, running through a few areas close to the right-field warning track.

Yu Darvish- Set to Play for Padres

In that moment before his first game on Wrigley Field since the December 2020 deal that brought Darvish back to San Diego.

Yu Darvish- Wrigley Field

Darvish was able to take a moment to think about his thoughts. He signed a 6-year agreement for the Cubs.

Yu Darvish- Moment to Think

In Chicago there, he climbed to certain highs, including an impressive third-place Cy Young Award finish in the year 2020.

Yu Darvish- Impressiev Third Place

Yu Darvis Stats cutting the length of his season after just eight games with an 4.95 ERA.

Image Source- The Japan Times

Yu Darvish- Cutting the Length

Wrigley Field took cover, Darvish thought he'd like to take in the atmosphere for a moment or two.

Image Source- Friars on Base

Yu Darvish- Took Cover

"To be real with you it was a kind of a moment of sentimental significance to me" Darvish said afterward.

Yu Darvish- What he said Afterward

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