Zach Wilson- New York Jets

New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson will have an arthroscopic operation for his knee injury.

Wilson was removed from the field following an injury to his knee that was not sustained by contact.

Zach Wilson- Removed from Field

Zach Wilson- A Doctor Arrived

Neal ElAttrache, a specialist in sports medicine, as well as elbow, shoulder, and knee pain, is scheduled to operate.

He was spotted alongside Aaron Rodgers in December during the time when he was struggling with foot injury.

Zach Wilson- Was Also Spotted

"We're hopeful," Jets head coach Robert Saleh told reporters Sunday. "But the coach isn't yet out to decide.

Zach Wilson- Told Reporters

There's still a possibility Wilson might be the Jets quarterback starting position starting on Sept 11.

Zach Wilson- Jets Quarterbacks

That's everything will depend on what happens at the procedure and the feedback we receive from our doctors.

Zach Wilson- At the Procedure

Image Source- ESPN

Zach Wilson- Collecting All Data

Image Source- New York Post

It's also about collecting all the data before we are even near to making a choice," Saleh added.

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