Zach Wilson- During Pratice

After the Jets had allowed eight "sacks" during practice, Zach Wilson completed 12 out of 15 passes.

The plan was to get the ball out quickly and on short routes. Wilson's best completion for the NFL.

Zach Wilson- Short Routes

Zach Wilson- Management LLC

FlexWork Sports Management LLC claims Johnson's absence caused it "significant damages" in form of credit.

A few shots landed high around their necks but there were no closed-fist punches. Rookie WR Garrett Wilson.

Zach Wilson- Landed High

He was not a typical media member as he played catch and then stepped onto the field and picked up.

Zach Wilson- Media Members

CB Brandin Echols joined CB D.J. Reed and RB Ty Johnson are on the list for hamstring injuries.

Zach Wilson- Hamstring Injuries

Robert Saleh, head coach, is hopeful that Reed will be back next week. OT Conor McDermott.

Zach Wilson- Back Next Week

Image Source- Jets X-Factor

Zach Wilson working harder to gain momentum for the upcoming NFL Season of 2022-23.

Zach Wilson- Working Hard

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