It's already been years ago since Zion Williamson last played meaningful basketball for the New Orleans Pelicans.

Zion Williamson- Basketball

Zion Williamson- Last Year

After missing the entirety of last year's season Zion will be ready be back and fans can't wait.

The chance to watch him join the new roster members who made the playoffs last year without Zion.

Zion Williamson- Chance to Watch

Zion Williamson demonstrated himself to be among the most effective offensive players ever to play basketball.

Zion Williamson- Demonstrated Himself

An unstoppable player in the post and during the transition, who eats at the rim, and was almost impossible.

Zion Williamson- Unstoppable Players

He averaged 27 points per game, without using 3 point line which is a serious jumper or a complex post-moves.

Zion Williamson- Points Per Game

Zion was largely dominated by his athleticism of the past however if he wishes for his dominance.

Zion Williamson- Largely Dominated

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Defenses soon realized that the only method to stop Zion Williamson is to foul him in the first place.

Zion Williamson- Only Means

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Dolphins added a superstar during the offseason when they traded for and then extended WR Tyreek Hill.

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