Zion Williamson- Convention Center

There are more than two thousand people in the room 6BCF in the San Diego Convention Center.

Zion Williamson wants not needs them to know that he is part of this community as well.

Zion Williamson- Community as Well

Zion Williamson- Entertainment Show

They woke up earlier on what is the busiest day of the biggest multimedia entertainment show.

Comic-Con panel specifically dedicated for Naruto which is the long-running manga/anime series.

Zion Williamson- Dedicated to Naruto

Although Williamson is certainly the most well-known present but he's aware that the majority of the people.

Zion Williamson- Majority of People

Williamson like all the fans present is here to speak about the challenges and triumphs of a young man's quest.

Zion Williamson- The Challenges

A particularly turbulent one during his otherwise prolific career -- Naruto is his northern star.

Zion Williamson- Prolific Career

Zion Williamson- A Kind of Franchise

Image Source- Bleacher Reports

Naruto is the kind of passion for the franchise that makes people wear extravagant costumes.

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