WhatsApp added Voice Recording Pause Feature for iOS- Here is the Full Detail

Those who own iPhones and iPads might be thrilled to learn that WhatsApp has added a new feature to its mobile app: voice recording pause. This feature lets you stop the recording process in the middle of a message, collect your thoughts, or try to find the right words. 

You can also resume the recording later. The new feature is currently available for iOS and Android devices but will be coming to Android smartphones in the coming months.

The new feature is a much-needed addition. It allows users to pause and resume recording voice messages. This is a convenient feature that will be welcomed by iOS users. 

However, this feature will only be available for users in the Apple ecosystem. The update should be rolled out to Android users in a few weeks. The company is still working on the desktop version, so it may not be available to everyone yet.
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WhatsApp added Voice Recording Pause Feature for iOS

The pause and resume functionality are available for users on iOS. Moreover, the recording can be resumed even when you exit the chat. This feature was in beta testing since October of last year, but it is only now rolling out to users in the iOS version. 

You can also use the feature to listen to the recorded voice messages before you send them. The pause and resume functionality will be available in a few weeks. 

The new voice recording feature allows users to pause and resume voice message recordings. The recording will not be deleted when you exit the chat, as it was in the earlier version. 

The pause and resume feature will soon be available to all users. The company has been testing the feature for quite a while but has only released it to iOS users so far. If you have an iOS device, download the app today to get the latest updates!

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WhatsApp added Voice Recording Pause Feature for iOS- Availability

The new feature is available to iOS users for free, and the update can be downloaded from the App Store. If you’re an iOS user, it will be available to you after you download the app. 

The new feature is only available before you send the message, so you will have to check with the developer to see if the feature is available for your device. In a few weeks, you can expect to see the new feature on Android. 

While a pause button has been present in earlier versions of WhatsApp, this new feature is also available on iOS for its beta testers. This means that users will be able to pause the recording before they send it to a contact. 

Moreover, the feature will allow users to resume the recording after they’ve listened to the message. It is currently only available to beta testers and should be available to everyone within a few weeks.

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WhatsApp added Voice Recording Pause Feature for iOS- How to Use

The new feature can be accessed from the App Store. To enable the feature, go to the WhatsApp app and tap on ‘Update’. You might not see the new feature immediately, but it will roll out to all iOS users over the next few weeks. 

If you’re an iOS user, it’s worth checking the latest update on the app, so you can make the most of the new feature in WhatsApp. 

WhatsApp has now added the voice recording pause feature to its iOS app. With this new feature, users can pause and resume the recording while listening to the message. 

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WhatsApp added Voice Recording Pause Feature for iOS- How it works

The pause button can also be used to delete the message or re-record it. The pause button can be accessed from the “Recording” menu by tapping on the “Recording” icon. Once the pause button has been enabled, the user can start reviewing the recorded voice message.

The feature is currently only available to iOS beta testers, but it’s a great addition for those who frequently use WhatsApp on their iPhone or iPad. 

The voice recording pause feature will allow WhatsApp users to continue recording voice messages without having to pause and resume them. In the meantime, iOS users can reply to a text and resume recording if they want. It’s a great idea to stop and re-listen to a voice message. Also Read- Micromax IN Note 2 Smartphone launched

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