Xiaomi MIJIA Double Door Refrigerator (186L) Launched for $200 Only!!!

In a recent launch, Xiaomi has launched several appliances, including a TV, air conditioner and washing machine. Now it has launched four new refrigerators that range in size, storage capacity and price. 

Let’s have a look at their features and pricing. The 185 litre refrigerator has two separate compartments: a 127 litre refrigerator and a 58 litre freezer. The body of the device is just 0.3 square meters. 

It is powered by a low-noise fan, which emits 39dB. The Mijia Double Door Refrigerator is equipped with a detachable seal and a door closer which ensures a smooth opening and no cold leakage.

The MIJIA Double Door Refrigerator is equipped with a touchscreen that allows users to control the temperature and set parameters for the refrigerator. 

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Xiaomi MIJIA Double Door Refrigerator

Xiaomi MIJIA Double Door Refrigerator 186L- Efficiency

It is energy-efficient and stable, with little noise and no frost, and it can be controlled by your smartphone. It has a long shelf life and comes with a one-year warranty, which means that it will last for years.

In addition, it will be compatible with all major brands of air conditioning systems.

The 185L MIJIA Double Door Refrigerator from Xiaomi is the largest model in the line of MIJIA Double Door Refrigerators. Its cost is less than 1300 yuan, or about $200. 

It will be available for purchase in China soon. The MIJIA has a wider range of fridges. In addition to the 186L model, there are also 118L, 160L, and 170L models.

The Xiaomi MIJIA Double Door Refrigerator has two wide doors and a hidden handle design that makes it easy to open and close. Its capacity is 186 liters. 

There are three adjustable shelves and a drawer inside. The bottom part features three evaporators and a low temperature regulator. 

Xiaomi MIJIA Double Door Refrigerator 186L- Availability

The MiJIA Double Door Refrigerator will be available in China soon. The company has promised that the MIJIA refrigerator will provide good value for the price.

The MIJIA refrigerator is a great way to save money. The 186L MIJIA Double Door Refrigerator has a hidden handle that is easy to remove.

The brand is constantly promoting the benefits of smart home appliances by enhancing the connectivity and compatibility of their devices. 

The company is targeting consumers looking for an affordable refrigerator, but there are many other features worth a look at as well.

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Xiaomi MIJIA Double Door Refrigerator- App Control Feature

The Xiaomi MIJIA refrigerator is an energy-efficient double-frequency conversion motor. It uses 0.83 kilowatts of electricity daily. It has remote control capabilities through the MIJIA app. 

Its touch screen offers simple and intuitive controls. It can also be controlled remotely via a smartphone. Its 186L model is the largest of the brand’s four models, but it’s not the only one available yet.

The MIJIA double door refrigerator is designed with two wide doors. The dual doors feature a concealed handle that makes it easy to open and close. 

The 540L version costs 1299 yuan, which is equivalent to $200 current exchange rates. However, if you buy the refrigerator faster, you can save even more. The XiaoAI voice technology will allow you to control the fridge from your smartphone.

The company’s first double-door fridge is the MIJIA 186L model, which will cost just over a hundred euros. It has an energy-efficient design and uses only 0.83 kilowatts of electricity per day. 

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Xiaomi MIJIA Double Door Refrigerator-Conclusion 

The new product is capable of remote control through the MIJIA app. It also has a built-in XiaoAI voice assistant.

The MIJIA double door refrigerator is the first product from the company. Its capacity is 186 liters, compared to a previous model that had a capacity of only one door. 

The Mija refrigerator features an energy-efficient double-frequency conversion motor, which consumes just 0.83 kilowatts of electricity a day. The MIJIA fridge also supports remote control through the MIJIA app. This allows you to operate the fridge from your mobile phone.

Its three-door design allows you to keep different kinds of food. It has three separate compartments and a continuous metal plate on the rear wall, which makes the upper drawer cool faster than the lower drawer.

 The Xiaomi MIJIA Double Door Refrigerator has a built-in temperature regulator, which turns on automatically when the ambient temperature is too low. This ensures that the refrigerator is functioning at optimum efficiency.

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