Xiaomi MIJIA LCD Small Blackboard Storage Edition launched- Supports Type-C Charger

The Mijia LCD Small Blackboard Storage Edition is the successor to the MIJIA LCD Small Board. This new product comes with a 13.5-inch diagonal touchscreen with an LCD matrix and supports 2048 degrees of pressure. 

Its built-in 121-MB flash memory allows it to store up to 400 pages of meeting content. Users can also connect the device to their smartphones via Bluetooth 5.0. The cloud storage feature allows users to back up the content to a remote location.

The Mijia LCD Small Blackboard is powered by a button battery (CR2025). Its battery warehouse uses a double-clasp design to prevent accidental battery removal. It can sustain about a year of constant writing and erasing, which is equivalent to drawing on a plain sheet of paper. 

The tablet has 121MB of built-in storage, which is enough for around 400 pages. The device works without a smartphone, but if paired with a mobile device, it can be paired with the device and synced with a mobile device. As such, it is more expensive than the older models, but offers more functionality.

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Xiaomi MIJIA LCD Small Blackboard Storage Edition

Xiaomi MIJIA LCD Small Blackboard Storage Edition- Price

The Mijia LCD Small Blackboard Storage Edition comes with a single 13.5-inch display and a built-in memory of 121 MB. It supports real-time synchronization, Bluetooth 5.0 wireless transmission, and Xiaomi cloud disk backup. 

Its single-inch design also offers 121MB of built-in storage, which is more than enough for 400 pages. The device works independently of a smartphone, but will pair with a mobile device when it is paired with a PC. Its thin fuselage and high pressure sensitivity make it easy to write and erase on.

It is available in one size only, which is 13.5 inches in size. The price of the new board is Y=349 ($55) in China. However, it is priced at Y=299 ($47) on crowdfunding sites. 

It is expected to be available in retail stores for around Y=89 (about $14). The new model comes with a flash memory, which allows users to store written content on the device.

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Xiaomi MIJIA LCD Small Blackboard Storage Edition-Features

The Mijia LCD Small Blackboard Storage Edition is powered by a 121-MB battery. It supports 400 pages of conference content. Its Bluetooth connectivity offers real-time synchronization with mobile devices and can be charged in 1.5 hours.

The Mijia is also available in a smaller version called the Mijia Mini. This product is currently available for $55 in China and is an excellent purchase for teachers.

The Mijia LCD Blackboard Storage Edition is a new product from Xiaomi. This model comes with 121MB of storage space and is capable of storing 400 pages. 

It supports Bluetooth 5.0 wireless transmission and has a 2048-level pressure sensitivity. The device is a great investment for schools and classrooms, but it is not cheap. Its large size makes it an ideal choice for many purposes.

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Xiaomi MIJIA LCD Small Blackboard Storage Edition-Connectivities

It’s available in both 13.5-inch and 17-inch sizes. The price of the Mijia LCD Small Blackboard Storage Edition is Y=349 ($55) in China, while the crowdfunding price is Y=299 ($47) in the US. Its Bluetooth connectivity and built-in storage make it a great buy for students. The device also features a camera for recording videos.

The Mijia LCD Small Blackboard Storage Edition supports Bluetooth 5.0 wireless transmission. It supports real-time synchronization with mobile devices. The Mijia App also offers a secure way to manage and organize electronic documents. 

The Mijia Small is compatible with a range of tablets and other mobile devices. Besides, it comes with a built-in 121MB of storage and a 122MB external memory. The Mijia SD card can hold up to 4,000 pages of written content.

The Mijia LCD Small Blackboard is available in two models. The first model came with a single camera, while the second one supports two cameras. The Mijia has a clear-screen switch on the front. 

It is compatible with most devices. In addition to its Bluetooth, it comes with an SD card slot for memory cards. While it’s not a replacement for the MiJIA XS, it’s a worthy upgrade.

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