Xiaomi Watch S1 is launching along with Xiaomi 12 Series- See the Smartwatch Configurations!!!

We’ve been hearing about the upcoming Xiaomi Watch S1 for a while, but the company has yet to reveal any details about it. 

Despite teasing a new smartwatch, there is not much information about the device, but we know that it’s coming. 

It’s rumored that it will launch in Europe, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and India. It’s unknown when it will launch, but we’ll probably find out more about it in the coming weeks.

The Xiaomi Watch S1 looks quite different from its predecessors, but its design isn’t very much different. The new watch features a rounded face with two buttons on the case. 

It will also have Mi branding, which may debut in the form of an easter egg. The new watch is said to be simple to use, confident, and effective. The company will also introduce a brand-new MIUI with the Xiaomi Watch S1 as part of the 12 Series.

While the Mi Watch S1 is rumored to launch in Q1 2022 in major markets, it is more likely to launch in China. 

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Xiaomi Watch S1 is launching

Xiaomi Watch S1- Launching on December 28

Earlier, the smartwatch was rumored to launch on December 28, but it has now been officially confirmed. The company’s official Chinese page has shared a teaser poster that gives a glimpse at the new watch’s design.

The Watch S1 will be released alongside the Xiaomi 12 Series on December 28. It will be the first official appearance of MIUI 13 on the Xiaomi 12 smartphones. The new smartwatch is expected to be priced at 999 Yuan, which is roughly $160. 

In contrast to the previous Xiaomi watches, the Xiaomi Watch S1 has a more business-oriented look. It also lacks the Mi branding, so it’s unclear how much of a difference it’s going to make.

In addition to the new smartwatch, Xiaomi is also planning to launch a new Mi smartwatch. The company is expected to launch the first official appearance of MIUI 13 on December 28. 

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Xiaomi Watch S1- Launching along with Xiaomi 12 Series

The new Xiaomi Watch S1 will be the latest in a series of smartwatches, but it’s not clear whether it will be a standalone device. It’s a part of the Mi’s ecosystem, which includes the smartphone.

The Xiaomi Watch S1 has a round dial and a rotating crown on the right side. The smartwatch has two buttons, and it has been rumored that the Xiaomi Watch S1 will be launched with the Xiaomi 12 Series. 

Aside from the Mi 12 and Mi Watch S1, the smartwatch will also have a Mi-branded camera. The company’s Chinese website shared a teaser poster of the Xiaomi Watch S1 on December 28.

The Xiaomi Watch S1 is different from the previous Xiaomi watches. It’s a business-oriented smartwatch that’s made for a business environment. 

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Xiaomi Watch S1- Key Details

The new version will be available in three colors, which will be available for different price ranges. 

The Xiaomi Watch S1 is unlike the previous Xiaomi watches and will feature a new design. It will be similar to the Mi Band 2 but will be refined and polished. It will also be priced lower than its predecessor. 

It will also come in three colour variations. If the Mi Watch S1 is a business-oriented smartwatch, it will be designed to be more business-oriented than the Mi Watch Color.

The new Xiaomi Watch S1 is a new version of the Xiaomi Watch. It is more polished and refined than the previous generation and is different from the Mi Watch S1. 

The Mi Watch S1 is expected to be priced at 999 yuan. The company’s smartwatches are designed to be simple and confident, which makes them great for business.

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