Xiaomi Watch S1 Smartwatch to Launch in Jan 2022- Here are Some Key Specs!!!

According to reports, the Chinese company is about to launch its first smartwatch in 2022. Currently, it is slated to hit the European and Asian markets. There’s a chance that it will also make its debut in India in the coming days. 

However, no specific date has been confirmed officially but the leaks suggest that we may see the smartwatch in Jan 2022. If the reports are correct, the Xiaomi Watch S1 will be available in Europe, Southeast Asia and Indonesia.

The company’s upcoming smartwatch has been confirmed by several sources. Digital Chat Station and @stufflistings have both verified that the device is certified. 

Other reports claim that the smartwatch will launch in Europe and Asia in Q1 2022. The leaks have not revealed the exact specifications of the Xiaomi Watch S1.

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Xiaomi Watch S1 Smartwatch

Xiaomi Watch S1 Smartwatch- Leaks

In the last few days, Xiaomi has been teasing the upcoming release of a new smartwatch. 91Mobiles from India has revealed that the Xiaomi Watch S1 will launch in 2022. 

Unlike the Mi Revolve Active, this new watch will be priced much lower than the current models. With these prices in mind, it’s a safe bet that the Watch S1 will be available for purchase in Europe and Asia.


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Xiaomi Watch S1 Smartwatch- Availability

It is expected to launch in Europe in the first quarter of 2022 and go on sale in the first quarter of the next year. 

The Xiaomi Watch S1 will be available in Europe and some Asian markets, including China. The company hasn’t revealed the exact specifications of the device, but it will be affordable enough to be a popular purchase. 

It will be available to European consumers as soon as the first quarter of 2022. If the company is serious about its plans to launch a smartwatch, it will do so in a limited number of markets. The smartwatch is likely to come in two versions.

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Xiaomi Watch S1 Smartwatch- Expected Price


The Xiaomi Watch S1 will be launched in Europe and Asia in 2022. A few markets are already in the process of testing the device. It is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2022 and will be available in Europe and the US for the first time.

The smartwatch will be available in Europe and selected Asian markets. The Xiaomi Mi Watch costs just 99 Euros, while the Mi Lite costs 45 Euros. 

The Chinese company has not provided any specific specifications of the new smartwatch, but the company has confirmed the presence of the Watch S1 in China and Europe. 

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Xiaomi Watch S1 Smartwatch- Wrap Up

A few months later, the device will be available to the general public. It is expected to cost less than a hundred dollars.

A leak on Twitter revealed that Xiaomi has certified the Watch S1 in China. The same occurred on Digital Chat Station, a site where people can talk with Chinese companies.

Despite the fact that there are no official details, the Xiaomi Watch S1 is expected to be available in Asia and Europe as soon as 2022. There are no specific specifications, but the device is expected to be cheap, and the price will not exceed a few hundred Euros.

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