YHE BP Doctor MED is 1st Smartwatch with Medical Grade BP Monitor!!!

YHE BP Doctor is a smartwatch with blood pressure monitoring capabilities that can replace the bulky, expensive blood pressure monitor. It features a simple yet effective method for measuring blood pressure and oximeter readings. 

According to the World Health Organization, 46 percent of people suffering from hypertension are unaware of their condition, so the wearable can be a useful health companion. The device also syncs data from its built-in oximeter with the BP Doctor app so that users can see how their heart rate is faring.

The BP Doctor MED offers a 7-day battery life and comes with CE and FDA certifications. It also features a companion app and push notifications. YHE hopes to ship worldwide by January 2022, but it must first raise the required amount to make it a viable product. 

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YHE BP Doctor MED- Fundings

This crowdfunding campaign is a great way to support the YHE BP Doctor MED. The project started on Indiegogo in 2016, and it is currently at 50% funded. The goal was $50000, and the BP Medic will be delivered to the YHE BP Smartwatches in May 2022.

This wearable is designed for those who need to monitor their blood pressure regularly. It has a 1.41-inch oval-shaped AMOLED screen that can be read even in direct sunlight. The device has three charging connector points and an on/home switch. 

It also features a GPS and can send notifications from your smartphone. It also has an alarm, which can be useful for waking up in the morning. The YHE BP Doctor MED SmartWatch has all the basics to help you stay healthy.

While the BP Doctor MED does not have a waterproof feature, it does have a battery life of seven days. The watch is not waterproof, but it does have sleep tracking and sleep monitoring. 

It can be charged in two hours and lasts for up to seven days. The BP Medic Smartwatch also comes with an HRV add-on that lets you analyze heart rate variability and heart diseases.

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YHE BP Doctor MED- Features

The BP Doctor Pro also measures heart rate and blood oxygen levels. The device also measures heart rate and displays the results. When the heart is pumping, the device’s sensor detects the heartbeat and displays the numbers as a green or red circle. 

The watch has several features that make it a useful tool for those with high blood pressure. A few features of the BP Doctor Pro are listed below.

The BP Doctor Pro is a blood pressure monitor that comes with a built-in cuff that inflates and deflates to measure systolic and diastolic pressure. 

The BP Doctor med smartwatch has a patented inflatable cuff that inflates to measure blood pressure. It also has a powerful algorithm to calculate the best blood pressure readings.

The BP Doctor MED Smartwatch has many features and is highly responsive. It is equipped with an automatic BP monitor, a gyroscope, and a triaxial accelerometer. 

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YHE BP Doctor MED- Processor

It is powered by a Mediatek chip with a 208 MHz processor. Moreover, it is designed to sync with other fitness equipment and is compatible with most mobile phones.

The BP Doctor Pro is a medical device that can monitor your blood pressure. Traditionally, blood pressure is measured by an upper-arm oscillometric device. The BP Doctor Pro is a med smartwatch that has miniaturised valves and a sphygmomanometer. 

The BP Doctor MED Smartwatch is an excellent choice for people who need to monitor their blood pressure. It is easy to operate and easy to use, which makes it ideal for busy professionals.

While most of the smartwatches use an inflatable cuff, the Bpdoctor app is more accurate. The watch has a daily summary page, an activity log, and calorie counter. 

It also has essential statistics and yearly trends, such as blood pressure. The BPdoctor MED smartwatch is also equipped with a heart rate monitor and blood oxygen saturation sensors.

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