YouTube Music Finally Added awaiting “Recently Played” Widgets!!!

Google recently rolled out a new Turntable widget for Android users to use with YouTube Music. The Turntable widget features a thumbnail of the duvet artwork for the track currently playing and includes buttons for play/pause and liking the track. 

Now, the company has rolled out a YouTube Music Recently Performed widget for Android 12. In addition to the new Turntable widget, Google has also released an updated version of the popular playlist app on Android.

The YouTube Music Recently Played Widget is designed to take up five squares on the home screen. It features a small bar with album art and a play/pause button. The widget will automatically expand to include up to five additional songs. 

The widget is supposed to show the most recently played songs on your account, so you can instantly start playing the music you’re listening to. Mishaal tested the newly released feature with a few tracks that he uploaded to YouTube.

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YouTube Music Finally Added awaiting "Recently Played" Widgets

YouTube Music Finally Added “Recently Played” Widgets

The new YouTube Music Recently Played Widget features album art, name of the current song, play/pause buttons, and thumbs up/down buttons. It’s similar to the Google Play Music Recent Streaming widget but does not show what’s currently playing. 

It’s a simple yet useful widget that allows you to quickly access the best tracks in your playlist. If you’re into podcasts, you can also listen to YouTube videos in the background.

The YouTube Music Recently Played Widget can be enabled on Android 12. It is not yet available on iOS, but the Google’s Turntable recently rolled out a beta version for Android users. 

The new Turntable widget allows you to see the cover art of the current track and the play/pause button. You can also see a summary of the artist’s name and album in the music player’s widget.

A new widget for YouTube music lets you listen to your favorite songs on your phone. It occupies about 5×2 spaces on your home screen and shows album art of the current song that you’re playing. 

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YouTube Music Finally Added “Recently Played” Widgets- What’s New

You can pause and play a song by pressing the thumbs up button. Spotify also has a recently-played widget for Android users, but it is currently disabled by default. But Google is expected to enable it in an upcoming update.

The YouTube Music Recently Played Widget has the same functionality as the previous one. It does not have playback controls. It launches the YouTube Music app and lets you jump back to the song you were listening to before. 

It looks great on the home screen and is a great way to enjoy your music. There are a couple of disadvantages to this new widget, though. The app is currently only available for iOS.

This widget takes up 5×2 of space on your home screen. The app offers a thumbs-up button and play/pause button. It also displays album art of five songs you’ve recently played. 

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YouTube Music Finally Added “Recently Played” Widget- Other Details

It also allows you to pause and rewind songs. The new YouTube Music Recently-Played Widget is a great addition to the popular music app for Android. The Material You design language is now available on iOS and Android, allowing you to customize the look of the app to your liking.

Aside from the recently-released Turntable, the company has also rolled out a Material You home screen widget for YouTube Music. This app features an album art in the center and a play/pause button. 

It also provides information on the current song you’re listening to. Unlike other music players, Spotify’s latest updates offer three-dimensional performance. In addition, the material-designed Turntable supports a wide variety of colors.

The YouTube Music Recently-Played Widget requires a recent version of the YouTube app. If you’re using an older version of the app, you can simply disable it. 

The latest version of the YouTube app will provide the widget. The new Google Play Music widget is also compatible with Android. The recently-played widget is available for Android devices. Its icons are arranged in two rows, with the most recent at the top.

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