It's difficult to pick the best five wide receivers in the NFL at the moment. There are so many great wide receivers.

Cooper Kupp- Wide Receivers

Cooper Kupp- Bleacher Reports

Bleacher Report which five wide receivers he believes are the best. It's not surprising that he included Cooper Kupp.

Kupp is consistently ranked amongst the NFL's five top receivers. It would be a mistake to keep him out of the top five.

Cooper Kupp- Top Five

Although it will be difficult for Kupp to continue the winning season in 2021, don't be surprised.

Cooper Kupp- Winning Season

Allen Robinson will be on the opposite side of Kupp to take some pressure off Kupp and provide coverage.

Cooper Kupp- Opposite Side

Jefferson said that he would declare after this season that he will be the best NFL receiver.

Cooper Kupp- After This Season

Complex published Jefferson's interview on Thursday. Davante Adams is so dynamic and crazy on the field.

Cooper Kupp- Interview

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Think it's time to give it to him. His route running is insane, so I have to give it right now to Davante Adams.

Cooper Kupp- Get it Right

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It is obvious that Josh Allen, the most likely Super Bowl MVP, will be the NFL's best quarterback in 2022.

Josh Allen is Considered Underrated Player