ACEFAST TWS T1 Earbuds Review- Adorable Design with Performance!!!

The ACEFAST TWS T1 Earbuds are a pair of high-quality wireless earbuds that come in a stylish matte black box. The earbuds feature an in-ear short stem design that provides a stable and comfortable fit and is protected against scratching by a frosted protective case. 

The earbuds feature a touch control for volume, and the charging case is crafted with a matte black finish that does not easily smudge.

Although these headphones do not have a waterproof casing, they have IPX6 certification. They do not leak water and are not completely waterproof, but they do remain dry when you put them in the rain.

Additionally, the Earbuds are IPX6 water-resistant, which ensures a stable connection and fast transmission without latency. The earbuds have a long lifespan, and they will work well for many years.

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ACEFAST TWS T1 TWS Earbuds- Price

For a budget-friendly pair of earbuds, consider the Acefast TWS T1 TWS Earbud. With the good build quality and IPX6 water resistance, these earbuds will last for years without a need to recharge. The price is reasonable, and they are available for under $30 on Amazon. 

As a bonus, you can currently get an extra 10% discount on them with a coupon code, which expires next week.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive pair of earbuds, the ACEFAST TWS T1 is an excellent choice. It offers good sound quality for the price and is sufficiently loud. 

They retail for $33 on Amazon. With an Amazon coupon code, you can save up to $10 on these earbuds! The offer ends next week, so hurry up and get them!

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ACEFAST TWS T1 TWS Earbuds- Compatibilities

As a budget option, these earbuds are a great option for those who want to enjoy high-quality audio. They feature 6mm dynamic drivers that deliver excellent sound and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. 

They’re water-resistant and are a great choice for people with active lifestyles. You can also use them as a pair of earbuds.

The ACEFAST T1 Earbuds is an entry-level option for earbuds. The Earbuds offer excellent sound quality and loudness for a very low price. They retail for $33 on Amazon, but you can save $10 by using the coupon code above.

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ACEFAST TWS T1 TWS Earbuds- Water Proof

The ACEFAST T1 TWS earbuds are a great entry-level model that offers excellent sound for a budget-conscious consumer. They’re also IPX6-certified, which means they can survive heavy rainstorms and showers.

In addition, they feature a waterproof charging case. The ACEFAST T1 TWS are also compatible with iPhones.


The Earbuds are an entry-level offering. They come in an all-black finish and a classic long stem design. They offer good sound quality for their price and are sufficiently loud. 

When we talk about the battery then the charger case can store power upto 400mAh whereas the earbuds can store 40mAh battery which is enough for them to be used 10 hours on a single charge.

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ACEFAST TWS T1 TWS Earbuds- Connectivities

The ACEFAST TWS T1 Earbuds is a good choice for music lovers. Unlike some other types of Bluetooth earbuds, they’re IPX6-certified, which means they’re resistant to sweat and water damage.

The TWS are designed to be extremely comfortable and durable. They come with a USB-C charging cable and a couple of ear tips. T,

he ACEFAST TWS T1 Earbuds is a high-quality Bluetooth 5.0-compatible pair of wireless earbuds. These earbuds come with a range of other accessories, such as a case and a USB-C cable.

The Earbuds are designed with comfort in mind. The ergonomically designed earbuds have a smooth, comfortable fit. They can be used with both earbuds or in either position. 

The ACEFAST TWS T1 Bluetooth earbuds are water and sweat-resistant. They also feature a microphone that can answer and reject incoming calls.

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