Adobe Partnership With Leica Camera AG- Content Authenticity Initiative for CAI Technology in Cameras

Adobe Partnership With Leica Camera AG

Adobe has announced a new partnership with Leica Camera to increase trust in digital photographs. The partnership will help photographers attach valuable provenance information at the point of capture, making their digital works more credible. The new partnership will help photographers protect the integrity of their work and keep it safe from copycats. Learn more …

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Panasonic Lumix BS1H Camera Launched in India- Inbuilt with 24.2MP Sensor

The new Panasonic Lumix BS1H camera has been launched in India in an attempt to meet the needs of filmmakers and photographers. With a 24.2-megapixel full-frame sensor and Dual Native ISO, this new camera has the power to capture videos in 6K/24fps.  It also boasts Full HD HFR recording and Sound. This new camera has …

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Sony to make Stacked Image Sensor Technology more Advanced!!! See Details

Sony to make Stacked Image Sensor Technology more Advanced

While conventional stacked CMOS image sensors consist of photodiodes and pixel transistors that reside on the same substrate, the new stacking technology allows for more optimization in both photodiode and pixel transistor layers.  This new technology allows for a wider dynamic range, double the saturation signal level, and reduce noise.  The stacked image sensor design …

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Canon CR-X300 Camera with 4K & 20× Zoom Support Out!!! See Full Specifications

Canon CR-X300 Camera

The Canon CR-X300 Camera supports a number of advanced features that enable you to capture better images and videos. Its 1/2.3-inch sensor and DIGIC DV6 image processing platform help you capture 4K 30P and 1080 60P video.  Its 20x optical zoom lens allows you to shoot anything from wide-angle to super-telephoto with ease. You can …

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