Adobe Partnership With Leica Camera AG- Content Authenticity Initiative for CAI Technology in Cameras

Adobe has announced a new partnership with Leica Camera to increase trust in digital photographs. The partnership will help photographers attach valuable provenance information at the point of capture, making their digital works more credible. The new partnership will help photographers protect the integrity of their work and keep it safe from copycats. Learn more about the partnership and how it works.

Leica Camera AG will bundle Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 with many of its cameras, providing comprehensive support for Leica lenses and cameras. In addition, Lightroom 4 will include the Leica Color profile. Leica is also working to enhance the performance of its S2 camera with improvements to tethered shooting, color profiles, M lens profiles, video compatibility, and select moire filter. Here’s a list of some of the new features and functionality that will be available with the new partnership.

“The Leica brand has always been synonymous with authentic images. It has produced many iconic shots that have become part of contemporary history.

Adobe Partnership With Leica Camera AG

In recognition of this, Leica Camera AG launched an international campaign, “The World Deserves Witnesses.” The campaign acknowledges the important role that photographers play in preserving our collective heritage. It also supports the Content Authenticity Initiative, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the authenticity of digital images.

The partnership will help make CAI technology more widely available and promote increased awareness of its benefits. In addition, Leica has already joined CAI and expanded its membership to include more creative professionals. It also recently implemented the C2PA standard on its new Leica M11 rangefinder camera, ensuring authenticity from capture to post-production.

Leica will be presenting an array of workshops and events to showcase the unique talents of its photographers. The Leica Pavilion will feature interactive activities, curated photowalks, and a Leica on Loan program. Throughout the event, Leica will also be demonstrating its unique products and tools to inspire visual storytelling.