BRATA Malware is back Again- Alert for Android Users!!!

The BRATA Malware is back again, and this time it’s a much more powerful threat. The new BRATA variant adds keylogging capabilities and GPS tracking. 

It has also been found to perform a factory reset on its own, in some cases when the compromised device is attempting to steal banking information or enter financial details. The application has a variety of malicious features and is a highly effective Trojan.

The most significant change in the new malware variants is the addition of a GPS tracking function. Brata is spreading via phishing text messages disguised as banking alerts, and it attempts to steal financial information from infected devices.

While Cleafy did not find any evidence of location tracking, they did note a few changes. It will now attempt to log the location of the infected device and use this information to target other users. 

The BRATA malware has been detected on many Android devices, and a kill switch is now available to remove the malware if the device is the factory reset.

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BRATA Malware is back Again- Spreading 

BRATA is back again with a new kill switch and more capabilities. Using the Android API, it spreads through third-party marketplaces and Google Play.

It spreads through sponsored links on Google, pushes notifications on compromised websites, and messages delivered through WhatsApp. In some cases, Brata has even been able to target bank accounts in other countries. In the US and Europe, it was discovered that it was targeting the BRETA malware. The BRATA Malware is now a threat that targets Android devices and can wipe banking information. Fortunately, a new strain has been identified which allows cybercriminals to access and manipulate the victim’s phone.

The latest version is known as “Brata” and is still a dangerous malware. You should never be caught unprepared. It’s a rogue app that can take over your phone.

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BRATA Malware is back Again- How it is Different

A new version of BRATA has been released. The new BRATA variant is much more sophisticated and has added new capabilities. The malware has a kill switch that can erase the malware after a victim reboots their phone.

It also performs GPS tracking, has improved communications with control servers and can perform a remote factory reset. Despite these improvements, Brata is still vulnerable to a variety of other forms of invasive software, such as fake apps that steal banking information. 

The BRATA malware is back again with its signature, which is based on the fingerprint of the infected device. It is known to operate through phishing text messages disguised as banking alerts.

Its latest version requests location permission from the victim’s device and even performs cardless withdrawals from ATMs. A third version of the BRATA variant is a RAT that seeks access to the location of the infected device. However, Cleafy researchers did not find evidence of location tracking, which is not a risk to a user.

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BRATA Malware is back Again- Precautions

The BRATA malware is spreading through phishing texts and SMS. It has multiple communication channels and even a factory reset feature. Once installed, the RAT is capable of monitoring the bank account and deleting the phone.

The latest variants of BRATA are more stealthy than previous versions. Its evasive methods have led to a rise in the number of attacks by the BRATA, which is an Android malware. 

The BRATA Malware is spreading through SMS, sponsored links in Google searches, and WhatsApp. The threat actors can take over the phone and monitor its activities, which include bank accounts and passwords. They can even factory reset the phone using the kill switch.

The chain of the BRATA attack begins with a fake SMS text that claims to be from the bank operator. During the first stages, the BRATA infection can be removed in a number of ways, but it is difficult to detect on a phone.

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