How to Lock Images & Videos in Google Photos- See Detailed Steps!!!

You can now easily lock photos and videos in Google Photos. You can do so by swiping up on a photo or video and tapping on the three dots in the upper right corner. 

From here, you can select a specific folder or swipe up to expand the options. Then, tap the ‘Lock’ button on the lock icon to secure the folder or image. Your pictures and videos will then be locked.

When you first use Google Photos, it will display a splash screen and show you the contents of the locked folder. You can then authenticate by using the authentication method that was used on the lock screen.

For example, if you want to unlock a photo with facial recognition, you have to scan your face, or enter a passcode. Once you have authenticated, you can then tap ‘Move to locked folder’ to keep the picture or video secure.

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How to Lock Images & Videos in Google Photos

How to Lock Images & Videos in Google- Steps

  • Creating a locked folder in Google Photos is as easy as selecting the photos and videos from your library. 
  • You can also select multiple photos or videos and select ‘Move to locked folder’ to move them to the locked folder. 
  • Once you have selected the photos and videos that you want to lock, you can now move them to the locked folder. Alternatively, you can delete them from your gallery.
  • After you have selected your locked folder, you can move your existing media to it. Then, you can change the icon of your photo gallery to the lock folder. 

The media that you have moved to the locked folder will not be shared, backed up, or accessed by anyone else. You can also hide media by enabling fingerprint or PIN authentication. In this way, only you will be able to see it in the locked folder.

To lock images and videos in Google Photos, you can choose the privacy setting that suits you best. In most cases, you can choose to hide specific folders from your camera roll. 

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How to Lock Images & Videos in Google- Benefits

This will prevent anyone from viewing your private pictures and videos without your consent. When you lock a folder in Google Photos, you can restrict access to that particular folder only. 

If you don’t want to show it in the lock folder, then you can move it to a different location on your phone.

You can also lock your photos and videos in Google Photos by using a password. This is an important security measure that will protect your private images and videos from being seen by others. 

This is not a permanent solution, but a temporary solution that works with your phone and can make it easier to protect your private photos and videos. Then, you can share them with friends and family using social media and keep them safe.

In addition to setting passwords for your photos, you can also lock images and videos in Google Photos using the app. This way, you will avoid your images from being deleted or stolen by others. 

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How to Lock Images & Videos in Google- Final Words

It is important to protect your personal photographs by locking them. If you want to protect them from being deleted, you should protect them from being viewed by others. 

Having a password in Google Photos is a secure way to keep your images from being stolen or ruined.

If you want to protect your personal images from unauthorized access, you can use the feature of Locked Folder in Google Photos. This feature works with all Google Photos accounts. 

Once you’ve set it up, you can move your photos and videos from one folder to another, as long as they’re in the same place. After that, you can lock all of your photos and videos in a single folder. 

This way, you can protect your precious memories from being lost or shared.

Once you’ve locked your photos in Google Photos, you can choose to allow only certain people to access them. You can even lock individual photos. 

Then, you can decide who you want to share them with. After you’ve set up your password, you’ll be able to lock the folder. You’ll be able to view your locked images and videos anytime, anywhere. You can also share photos with other people to protect them.

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