Lava Probuds N3 Wireless Neckband Launched in India- Dual Device Pairing Feature!!!

The Lava Probuds N3 is a pair of Bluetooth headphones, delivering superior audio quality. They feature a durable design and metal earbuds. They also feature magnetic locks and infinity plugs for a comfortable and secure fit. 

Designed for superior sound quality, these Bluetooth headphones are lightweight and durable. A 110-mAh battery powers the N3’s audio capabilities. This allows users to listen to up to nine hours of music on a single charge and 47 hours on standby.

The new Lava Probuds N3 headphones are priced at Rs 799 (initial offer) and will cost Rs 999 after the promo period ends on February 28. The neckbands are available in two classic color options, Royal Blue and Midnight Black. The earbuds are designed to fit perfectly with the contours of the ears, and a magnetic lock helps them stay securely in place.

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Lava Probuds N3 Wireless Neckband- Price

The new Lava Probuds N3 is the latest in earbuds from Lava International Ltd. They feature dual device connectivity, fast charging, and voice assistance. They weigh only 25 grams but deliver powerful sound. 

The device comes in black and white color variations. It is available for Rs 799 before 28 February, after which it will cost Rs 999. You can buy the device at any leading online store or online retailer.

Designed with the active lifestyle in mind, the Lava Probuds N3 is rated IPX4 for sweat resistance and is water-resistant. It also features buttons on the neckband for controlling music, attending calls, and using voice assistants. 

The Lava Probuds N3 offers dual-device connectivity, fast charging, voice assistance, and magnetic earbuds. The headphones offer superior sound quality at an affordable price. 

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Lava Probuds N3 Wireless Neckband- Ergonomics

The lightweight design is convenient to use and provides a secure grip. There is no need to remove the earbuds from the device. The headphone is designed to fit securely in the ear. This model is compatible with most smartphones.

The Lava Probuds N3 boasts IPX4 sweat resistance. The Lava Probuds N3 also features simplified button controls on the neckband. The neckband can be locked in place with a magnetic lock and has a micro USB charging port. The neckbands will fit snugly and will fit comfortably into the ear.

The Lava Probuds N3 is the neckband-style Bluetooth earbuds launched in India. The device has advanced dynamic drivers that enable it to produce powerful bass. The battery life of the Lava Probuds N3 is up to nine hours. Its easy-to-use buttons and magnetic earbuds make it easy to pair with multiple devices. It is also compatible with most smartphones and tablets.

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Lava Probuds N3 Wireless Neckband- Wrapping Up

The Lava Probuds N3 Bluetooth earphones are sweat-resistant and come with integrated buttons for music control, phone calls, and voice assistance. The earbuds weigh 25 grams, but the powerful sound they produce is surprisingly impressive for a neckband-style Bluetooth headset. 

The Lava Probuds N3 is designed to last during long workouts and are sweat-resistant. The earbuds have an IPX4 rating, so they’re compatible with any sweat-resistant clothing. 

With a battery life of nine hours and 47 hours on standby, the Lava Probuds N3 is a great choice for busy individuals. With its unique and stylish design, the lava Probuds N3 will make your workouts more enjoyable and productive.

The metal earbuds are ergonomically designed to conform to each contour of the ear and are magnetically locked to sit across the user’s neck when not in use. The 9mm Advanced Dynamic Drivers are claimed to deliver superior audio quality.

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