Mivi ThunderBeats 2 Wireless Headphones launched in India- See Price, Specifications, & Availability!!!

The Mivi ThunderBeats 2 wireless headphones are among the latest products to be launched in India. The company claims that the new headphones can offer up to 14 hours of playtime, which is an impressive amount. 

The headphones feature Bluetooth v5 connectivity and inbuilt support for voice assistants. The earbuds come in a variety of sizes and colours and are lightweight and comfortable to wear around the neck.

The headphones are made of premium materials and have a metal encasing around the earbud pods. The headphones can be used for over 14 hours and have an IPX4 water resistance rating. 

The Mivi thunderbeats also boast an LED display for power consumption. It is easy to pair the headphones with your smartphone with Bluetooth technology and have a full range of audio controls.

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Mivi ThunderBeats 2 Wireless Headphones

Mivi ThunderBeats 2 Wireless Headphones- Ergonomics

The company has launched two different versions of the headphone: the Mivi ThunderBeats and the Mivi ConquerX. The Mivi ThunderBeats 2 wireless headphone is available in five color options: metallic black, red, blue, and white. 

The headphones have a 14-hour playback time and are comfortable for daily use. It is priced at Rs. 899. The Mivi ThunderBeats 2 headphones are a perfect solution for those who love listening to music and are looking for the best wireless headphone for the money. These Bluetooth neckband earphones feature 10mm drivers that deliver punchy bass. 

They also boast a 14-hour playtime when played at mid-volume. Moreover, the Mivi ThunderBeats 2 Wireless Headphones come with a built-in LED display for power consumption monitoring.

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Mivi ThunderBeats 2 Wireless Headphones- Features

The Mivi ThunderBeats 2 headphones are a Bluetooth neckband headset with in-ear design. The Mivi ThunderBeats have a soft rubber band and silicone bud, which are comfortable to wear. Its battery life is over 14 hours, which is great for long-term usage. The Mivi ThunderBeats also comes in a metallic black color option.

The Mivi ThunderBeats 2 Wireless Headheadphones have Bluetooth in-ear design. The headphones boast an IPX5 waterproof rating, 13.5 mm dynamic drivers, and Active Noise Cancelling. 

The Mivi ThunderBeats 2 Bluetooth neckband headset has an in-ear design. They come in metallic black and metallic silver color options. They are comfortable to wear and feature silicone bud technology for a smooth, noise-canceling experience. 

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Mivi ThunderBeats 2 Wireless Headphones

Mivi ThunderBeats 2 Wireless Headphones- Price

The Mivi ThunderBeats 2 Wireless Headbuds are designed with a 10-mm driver and a 10mm Super Solid Bass. The Mivi headphones offer excellent clarity and are priced at Rs 899 each. 

In the meantime, Mivi’s ConquerX Bluetooth headphone is launching in India for a similar price. While the ThunderBeats2 has almost identical specifications, it is worth noting that the latter is made in India.

The noise cancellation features of the Mivi headphones are a great plus and make the headphones an excellent choice for people who like to take calls during their free time. 

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