Nokia E3103 TWS Earbuds Launched- See Official Features, Price, & Availability

The Nokia E3103 TWS earbuds are a set of Bluetooth headphones with an IPX4 certification. These are waterproof, so they can be used in sweat and rain. 

The earbuds come in white, pink, and black, and are expected to cost under US$59. The earbuds can be charged using a USB charging case. They will also work with voice assistants and are waterproof to IPX4 standards.

The Nokia E3103 TWS earbuds sport a similar design to the popular Airpods. They come with a shorter stem and don’t feature noise cancellation.

They sport a large 13mm driver. They also feature Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity and are compatible with iOS and Android devices. The earbuds do not come with silicone tips, so they may not be the best choice for everyone.

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Nokia E3103 TWS Earbuds Launched

Nokia E3103 TWS Earbuds- Battery

The TWS earbuds are waterproof and come with a 37 mAh battery and a charging case with a 320 mAh battery. The earbuds last for seven hours. 

The charging case can extend the battery life to up to 25 hours. The Nolia comes in four different colors: green, blue, yellow, and pink. They are waterproof and can also be used to charge other devices.

Like the Airpods, the Nokia E3103 TWS earbuds look similar to the Apple Airpods but have a smaller stem. This makes them look more similar to the Samsung Noise Buds Mini. 

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Nokia E3103 TWS Earbuds- Connectivities

The difference between these two models is that they don’t feature noise cancellation. The Nokia E3103 TWS earbud does feature 13mm drivers and Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity. 

The device also supports Voice Assistant, but the battery life is significantly reduced when using the phone.

The Nokia TWS earbuds feature a wireless connection to a mobile phone. The device is also waterproof, and features an IPX4 rating. The device comes with a 320 mAh battery in the charging case. 

The earbuds weigh 3.3 grams each. They come without ear tips and are equipped with a Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity. They can also be connected to iOS and Android devices, and have Voice Assistant.

The Nokia E3103 TWS Earbud has a USB-C interface. It also has IPX4 certification. The company sells 20 models of headphones. They are lightweight and comfortable. 

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Nokia E3103 TWS Earbuds- Compatibility

The charger is made of aluminum and is designed for long-term use. The batteries are rechargeable, and the device is weatherproof. Once you’re done charging, the earbuds will be ready to go again.

The Nokia E3103 TWS is a pair of Bluetooth headphones with an IPX4 certification and a USB-C interface. The Bluetooth headsets come with a variety of color options. 

You can choose from a solid color or a vibrantly colored earbuds. You can even choose to have your earbuds wrapped in a variety of different designs. They are both made of soft and comfortable material and have IPX4 protection.

The Nokia E3103 TWS is waterproof. They have an IPX4 certification. The earphones have a 25-hour battery life and are USB-C interfaced. They’re also designed to work with Bluetooth headphones. 

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Nokia E3103 TWS Earbuds- Ergonomics

It’s worth noting that the charging case is compact, too. The earphones will fit comfortably in the case. There are also two charging cases, so you can take them with you on the go.

These wireless headphones pair with a compatible smartphone with Bluetooth 5.1 technology. The charging case allows the Bluetooth earphones to work with smartphones with a USB-C interface. 

The earphones can be placed in a stylish carrying case that stores in the phone’s charging case. A second charging case is necessary if the phone is in a pocket or bag. It should not be too bulky.

In order to charge your earbuds, you need to insert them in the charging case. The charging case should be in contact with your 

earphones’ USB connector. Once you have finished doing so, the case should be plugged into your phone. You can also use the charging case to charge the device. 

This type of earbuds will work with other Bluetooth headsets. They’re also waterproof, which means you’ll be able to wear them anywhere.

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