Parag Agrawal to be Twitter New CEO!!! Jack Dorsey Resigned

Twitter’s new CEO, Parag Agrawal, is an IIT Mumbai graduate who has worked on the company since 2011. Previously, he served as the company’s CTO and was later named its Chief Technology Officer. Agarwal has been with the company for 10 years. 

He joined it as a software engineer and rose through the ranks to become chief technology officer. He has also held senior positions at other companies.

After spending five years as the CEO of the company, Jack Dorsey stepped down and stepped aside. Agrawal will continue as the company’s CTO and will continue to oversee the company’s Science and Technology teams. 

He’ll earn an annual base salary of $1 million. He has extensive experience working in data management and artificial intelligence and will lead the company’s future. Agarwal’s duties at Twitter include ensuring that the company’s platform continues to grow.

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Parag Agrawal to be Twitter New CEO

Parag Agrawal- History

The company’s New CEO is a Harvard-educated computer scientist. Agrawal has a background in computer science, and his resume includes internships at Yahoo, Microsoft, and AT&T. 

Before joining Twitter, he also worked as a software engineer at a startup called Bluesky. However, he was promoted to CTO at Twitter four years ago. According to PeopleAI, he has a net worth of $1.52 million.

As a former CTO at BlueSky, Agarwal is now the CEO of Twitter. He has worked on both consumer and revenue engineering for Twitter and has built a team of more than a hundred thousand followers. 

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Parag Agrawal- Qualifications

Agrawal has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford University and holds a Bachelor’s degree from IIT Bombay. He has worked with corporate employees in both revenue and marketing.

Agarwal has worked for multiple major companies before joining Twitter. He has led work to improve Twitter’s audience growth in 2016. Until now, he has been a low-profile member of the company. 

But this year, he became CEO. He has been the company’s CTO for over a decade. Agrawal has worked as a Chief Technology Officer, but has recently joined the company.

In October 2017, Twitter reached a deal with activist investors. The company hired Agrawal as its CTO. He has worked for the company for six years. He holds a doctorate in computer science. 

While Twitter used to have fewer than a thousand employees, Agrawal has since been a part of the company’s board as CTO. He is responsible for developing and implementing new features that help the company grow.

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Parag Agrawal- Previously Worked

Agrawal was previously an ads engineer at Yahoo! Research. He has worked as a CTO at Microsoft. He is now the CEO of the team responsible for developing its decentralized social network. 

He joined Twitter when the company was only 1,000 employees. He has a long history at the firm. In addition, Agrawal has been in charge of Project Bluesky. It’s a decentralized standard for social media.

The new CEO of the company will be responsible for implementing the company’s technological vision. Agrawal has previously led Twitter’s technical strategy, integrating machine learning into the product’s core.

He has also worked in the advertising unit. In 2016, he became the chief technology officer. He will be Twitter’s CTO. His duties are to accelerate the use of artificial intelligence and grow the audience. The company is looking for ways to monetize their data to drive more traffic and increase profitability.

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Parag Agrawal- Final Verdict

Before being appointed as CEO, Agrawal worked at Microsoft Research. He has worked with the tech giants Apple and Facebook. He has worked as a software engineer at Yahoo! and has been in the industry for a decade. 

He has a bachelor’s degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. He is now married to Vineeta Agrawala. Agrawal’s position has been a key role in building up the company.

Besides Jack Dorsey, Parag Agrawal was a co-founder of Twitter. He has worked for the company for 10 years, but has been mostly behind the scenes. Agrawal’s followers have soared to 100,000 in the afternoon.

The new CEO of the company is a renowned Silicon Valley figure. He was recruited from Microsoft. The company’s board of directors has made many changes to make the company better, including enhancing its technology.

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