Qubo Smart Cam 360 Review- A Camera with Full Coverage Capacity!!!

The Qubo Smart Cam 360 is a great little camera that is compatible with smart displays and assistants. It has several cool features, including a microphone and a frustum mount. 

It has a 110-degree ultra-wide angle lens, which gives it a real life-like image. Infrared capture provides superior clarity, and you can also use color night vision if the light is low.

The Qubo Smart Cam 360 is priced at Rs2,950. It features real-time video streaming in decent quality, so you can enjoy watching it even while using mobile data. 

In addition to its 360-degree coverage, this camera also has a microphone and speaker built-in to communicate with people in close proximity. Despite its price, it has a lot of great features that you’ll find useful. If you’re worried about safety and security, this device may be for you.

The Qubo Smart Cam 360 has many features that make it an ideal home security device. It supports full HD recording 24 hours a day, and includes AI-based person detection. It can also livestream video and send notifications. 

The camera has far-reaching microphones so you can easily hear any suspicious sounds or voices. You can even use this camera to monitor people in your house. It’s easy to set up and requires no technical knowledge.

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Qubo Smart Cam 360- Design

The Qubo Smart Cam 360 is a high-definition (HD) camera with a built-in microphone. It also features a micro-SD card slot, which can store up to 256 GB offline. 

The camera is motorized and fixed to a frustum on the front. A LED activity indicator is located on the top of the device. Green indicates the camera is active; red indicates the camera is inactive.

This security camera uses an IP65 weather-resistant lens and features a 1080p Full-HD camera. It also has a full-color LED for low-light conditions. It is equipped with two-way voice communication and has far-reaching microphones. 

Its cloud storage allows you to store video footage and retrieve it whenever you need it. Because the camera records video, its memory capacity depends on whether you use the local or cloud storage.

The Qubo Smart Cam 360 Design comes with two-way communication, which lets you communicate with anyone nearby. It also features a small 1W speaker, which can sound an alarm in case someone is at home. 

The camera has an account with five GB of cloud storage, which can be expanded with up to 128 GB. The Qubo app allows you to store your videos and save them for later viewing on your computer.

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Qubo Smart Cam 360- Setup Process

The Qubo Smart Cam 360 setup process is easy and straightforward, but before you can get started, you should know what to expect. The camera is small and compact, but it has a number of features that make it stand out from other security cameras. 

Night Vision is a feature that enables you to record during the night. The camera comes with a microSD card that allows you to record in different formats.

The camera is powered by a battery that lasts for up to a year. Once you’re finished recording, you can download the images or videos. If you want to share them, you can do so using the Qubo App. 

The camera also uses RTSP technology to provide access to your PC through a URL. The Micro SD card that comes with the camera is used for storage. Using this system is complicated, but it is worth it if you’re worried about the security of your home.

The Qubo Smart Cam 360 SetUp Process begins by ensuring you have a wired power cord and an SD card. If you’re unsure, the Qubo App will provide you with a tutorial and a step-by-step guide. 

Afterwards, you can install the RTSP firmware. This process is a bit tricky, but it will save your video data for a few years.

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Qubo Smart Cam 360

Qubo Smart Cam 360- Performance

The Qubo Smart Indoor Camera is the most compact, durable, and affordable camera on the market. It features almost all standard features, but has exclusive features, like Night Vision. 

In addition, it can record video in the dark and support motion and sound detection. While there is no microSD card included, it will record for up to 24 hours on the cloud. It’s best for people who want to keep their home and property secure.

The camera can record in 1080p and has night vision of up to 30 feet. It is easy to install and remove. It supports a microSD card for recording, and comes with a proprietary cable for connecting to your computer. 

It also has a 2-way audio function. While the Qubo Smart Cam 360 Performance is a great camera for the price, it isn’t without its flaws. The SD card slot is located conveniently, and you can easily remove it to access the video.

The Qubo Smart Cam 360 Performance is also compatible with Android and iOS devices. 

You can connect your camera to your home entertainment system using Bluetooth streaming devices, and you can even set up virtual fences around your property to scare off intruders.

 This camera has an SD card slot, and its SD card can accommodate up to 128 GB of video. It’s easy to install and has an integrated app.

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Qubo Smart Cam 360- Visuals

The Qubo Smart Cam 360 Visuals is a great camera that can be mounted on any surface and is compatible with iOS and Android devices. 

The camera has almost all of the features that you would expect in a high-end security camera, but there are some exclusive features that you won’t find on a more expensive camera. 

Night Vision and face recognition are two of the most popular features, and they will both record during the night. The camera also requires a microSD card to store recorded footage, but most of these features are free.

The Qubo Smart Cam 360 is compatible with iOS and Android devices, and is a good choice for those who don’t want to invest in a separate smart display. 

You can choose to use the camera with a smart assistant or a display, and there are a lot of cool features that will make your experience with it an enjoyable one. You can select the video quality depending on the type of video you want to capture. 

You can also choose between Full HD and SD. This camera also supports both color and infrared mode. For the most accurate picture quality, you should try using the black and white mode.

To use the Qubo Smart Cam 360, you need to be in WiFi range. You can download the Qubo app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. 

The app will guide you through the setup process and you’ll need to register with a Google account to get started. Once you’ve registered, you can use Alexa or Google Assistant to control your camera. You can also use the camera with Alexa and Google Assistant.

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Qubo Smart Cam 360- Camera Details

Qubo Smart Cam 360 is a 360-degree camera that is available in the market. It has a 1080p Full HD camera and a full-color display in low light. 

The camera features two-way talk and an echo cancellation feature. It is motorized and comes with a frustum-shaped mount. The device comes with a LED activity indicator that indicates whether the device is active or not.

It is powered by 1080p Full HD camera which can capture credible full-colour images, even in low light. It also comes with a Person Detection feature, which notifies the user if a person is in the area under surveillance. 

Unlike other cameras, this feature eliminates the chances of false alarms. It is made to be easy to install, which makes it an ideal choice for those who do not want to spend a lot of money.

The Qubo Smart Cam 360 is compatible with many smart devices, including smartphones and smart displays. It has a host of cool features that will make your home or office safe and secure 24 hours a day. It also supports color night vision. 

However, if you would prefer black-and-white images, you can choose the infrared mode. You can use the camera’s infrared capabilities to capture a picture in complete darkness.

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