Super EQ S1 Headphones Final Review is Out!!! See Full Specs & Features

The Sony Super EQ S1 Headphones are one of the most popular models of Bluetooth headphones available. These models are designed to fit over or on top of the ear, and they weigh 210 grams. 

These headphones feature 40mm drivers that produce full and deep sound. The included microphone allows you to take hands-free calls. The Sony Super EQ S1 features two modes: ambient and noise-canceling. 

They are easy to use, with three button controls on the right earcup. You can cycle through various modes with the push of a single button on the earcup.

The SuperEQ S1 Headphones come with a 3.5mm cable for wired and wireless use. They also feature noise-canceling and ambient sound capabilities. The ear cups are made of ultra-soft protein leather. 

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Super EQ S1 Headphones

Super EQ S1 Headphones- Battery Life

The battery life of these headphones is good, with 45 hours of continuous listening at 60% volume. The headphones are available in black or white, with a microphone for hands-free calls.

The SuperEQ S1 Headphones feature a wide selection of features. They come in a black and white finish with a red inner trim. The earbuds have a seamless design and are made of decent materials. 

They have a durable metal band that doesn’t bend or twist. You can purchase a pair at the official website or in stores. They are also compatible with Bluetooth. It’s hard to find anything better for the price.

The SuperEQ S1 Headphones are certified Hi-Res, meaning they deliver the highest level of sound quality. They also have multiple modes and controls for playback, song, power, and noise cancelation. 

They can play music for up to 45 hours at 60% volume. Their lightweight design and easy control make them great for travel and are easy to store. 

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Super EQ S1 Headphones- Ergonomics

The headphones come in black and white. These headphone pairs have a premium price, and we recommend you give them a try.

The SuperEQ S1 headphones have a foldable hinge for convenient storage and travel. The folding hinge also means they won’t fall in half while you’re traveling. 

And they have two buttons on the headband that control playback, song, and power. They also come with a carrying case, in-flight adapter, and user manual. These earphones are lightweight, but they’re very comfortable to wear.

The SuperEQ S1 headphones are made with Hi-Res certification, which means the sound quality is accurate. The S1 has an on-ear design. It has a 3.5mm jack connection. 

Its battery life is quite long. Its foldable hinge prevents the headphone from snapping in half, which is great for traveling. The S1 is also available in black and white. The S1 is an affordable option for those who want to listen to high-quality audio.

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Super EQ S1 Headphones- Features

The SuperEQ S1 headphone is equipped with two ANC microphones. The S1 has four built-in ANC mics and proprietary algorithms. They can reduce ambient noise up to 33dB. 

Its omnidirectional sound is also compatible with wireless headphones. With the built-in ANC, the SuperEQ S1 is designed to work with any Bluetooth device. A 3.5mm jack is a must-have for any earbuds.

The SuperEQ S1 Headphones are equipped with Hi-Res technology. This means the music will be more accurate. Additionally, the headphones are rechargeable and have long battery life. 

You can also get them in white or black. If you need an excellent pair of Bluetooth headphones, the S1 is an excellent choice. All the models are compatible with Apple and will work with any Bluetooth device. These are the best active noise cancelling headphones currently on the market.

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Super EQ S1 Headphones- Final Words

The SuperEQ S1 Headphones are available in two different colors, black and white. They come with a folding hinge that prevents them from snapping in half. They also come with a rechargeable battery. 

They can be used for up to 45 hours of music at 60% volume. While they may cost a bit more than most headphones, they are an excellent choice for those who enjoy a premium quality headphone experience.

The SuperEQ S1 Headphones are among the best headphones you can buy. They are both Bluetooth-enabled and feature noise cancellation.

The S1 features a Qualcomm 3003 chip and ANC digital audio processing system, which can reduce ambient noise by up to 75%. The ANC software uses eight noise-cancelling microphones to provide maximum clarity. 

The S1 includes 40mm Neodymium magnet drivers for optimum bass.

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