T Mobile Users to Now have to Pay $35 Activation Fee!!!

If you are planning on using T Mobile’s services, you will have to pay some kind of activation fee. But how much will it cost? We’ll go over the ‘Assisted Support Charge’, ‘Device Connection Charge,’ and ‘Activation Fee’.

Activation fees

The $35 T Mobile activation fee may seem outrageous, but it’s actually not that out of line with other carriers’ policies. Activation fees are usually waived during special promotions, such as those that give new customers a free phone. The fee will also go away if you upgrade your handset within two billing cycles.

The company has been known for its aggressive publicity tactics, often criticizing rivals for raising fees. However, this latest fee hike is being implemented on the down low and is not a big surprise. T-Mobile has confirmed the change in a support document circulated among its employees, which was reviewed by The Desk.

Customers who purchased their phones online have already avoided the $35 DCC. In addition, they can avoid this fee by swapping SIM cards, adding DIGITS Talk & Text lines, or upgrading to prepaid or JUMP! On-Demand. The company also says that the DCC will not apply to prepaid plans.


T-Mobile is slashing its activation fees to $35, which will apply to new lines, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) lines, and home internet service. The new fee does not apply to prepaid lines, SIM or eSIM swaps, or JUMP! upgrades.

T-Mobile, an “Un-carrier” in the wireless industry, has become a favorite for users looking for better value and special perks. The company’s unique approach to mobile service has made it a force to be reckoned with in the industry. However, it is about to launch a new service that isn’t exactly customer-friendly.

The basic T-Mobile plan comes with unlimited talk and text, 50GB of premium data, unlimited 2G data (in Mexico), unlimited 3G data (up to a certain limit), and unlimited hotspots. However, it comes with some limitations, including the fact that video streaming is limited to standard definition. So, before signing up, you should make sure you’re going to need a data plan.

T-Mobile’s Simply Prepaid plan is one of its most affordable prepaid plans. It offers up to 10GB of 4G LTE data for $40. Unlimited domestic talk and text is included for free. Activating more lines will cost you an additional $30 per month. The plan also offers mobile hotspot access at full speeds, but T-Mobile throttles speeds when users go over the data limit.

‘Device Connection Charge’

T-Mobile will now charge a $35 activation fee for any new postpaid device. This fee will apply to smartphones, smartwatches, hotspots, and other devices. It will also apply to customers who activate a new line on their current phone, as well as users who switch from another carrier.

Users who want to avoid this fee should buy their devices online. However, T-Mobile is closing that loophole. From November 15, the company will add a $35 Device Connection Charge to any new phone or line. This fee will apply to postpaid plans, new devices, and upgrades.

T-Mobile is justifying the new fee in dubious terms. The company claims it is simplifying its system to provide a more consistent and straightforward experience. The company has not responded to Engadget’s request for comment on this report.