Xiaomi MIJIA Pulsator Washing Machine with NFC Support Launched!!!

The Xiaomi MIJIA Pulsator Washer is a new exclusive washing machine that is generating a lot of media attention. The product is an extremely powerful machine that is not available in other countries. The Mijia has several great features that make it stand out from the rest. 

Read on to find out more about this fantastic washing machine. And don’t worry if you don’t have enough space in your home to accommodate the full-sized version of this washing machine.

Its 10kg capacity can wash 48 shirts, four one-meter-long curtains, and 16 pairs of jeans. The MIJIA Pulsator Washing machine has 16 built-in programs and can wash common and delicate fabrics. 

It also features a convenient voice prompt for simple operation. The MiJIA Pulsator Washing Machine has 16 professional washing programs and can fit in up to four sets of clothes for a family of four.

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Xiaomi MIJIA Pulsator Washing Machine

Xiaomi MIJIA Pulsator Washing Machine- 10 Kg Capacity

The MiJIA Pulsator 10kg washing machine can wash ten kilograms of laundry. Previously, Mizia only offered three kilograms and five-kilogram models. 

The new machine comes with a large capacity of ten kilograms and will cost you $ 315 ( 1,999 Yuan) – so it’s worth the money. It has 16 pre-programmed wash cycles and an easy-to-use touch-sensitive panel.

The MIJIA Pulsator Washing machine comes with eight built-in professional wash programs. You can use the MIJIA app to select the best wash program for the specific fabric. 

The machine also has an air-drying option and is compatible with the Mi Home app. It can be linked to other smart home devices and has a built-in XiaoI speaker for notifications.

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Xiaomi MIJIA Pulsator Washing Machine

Xiaomi MIJIA Pulsator Washing Machine- 99.9% Bateria Removed

The Mijia Pulsator Washing Machine has a capacity of ten kilograms. Its 10kg capacity is ideal for baby clothes. 

The Mijia Automatic Mini Pulsator weighs just 3Kg, but it has enough capacity to wash eight shirts, six pairs of pants, and twenty pairs of socks. The Mijia Pulsator is equipped with a high-temperature sterilization system that can remove 99.9% of bacteria.

The Mija washing machine offers 16 wash programs. It supports self-cleaning and air-drying modes. 

It also has a silver nanoparticle ionization system, which sanitizes clothing fibers at a 96% rate. It can kill 99.9% of microorganisms. The Mija washing machine can be controlled through a touch-sensitive panel.

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Xiaomi MIJIA Pulsator Washing Machine

Xiaomi MIJIA Pulsator Washing Machine- 16 Washing Programs

The MiJIA Pulsator Washing Machine has a 10kg capacity. The three models in the MIJIA Pulsator line each has a five- and eight-kilogram capacity. 

The 10K model is available now as a pre-order and is priced at 168 USD. It supports the self-cleaning mode. However, it does not support air drying.

The MIJIA Pulsator Washing machine supports an air-drying and self-cleaning mode. In this mode, the washing machine uses high-speed water to clean clothes and retain residual moisture. 

The MIJIA Pulsator Washer has 16 professional-grade washing programs that are suitable for all types of fabrics. The 10K washing machine has a capacity of 10kg.

The MiJIA Pulsator Washing Machine has 16 professional wash programs. It also has an NFC-enabled version that supports the MIJIA app. It is a highly efficient washing machine, with a capacity of up to 10kg. 

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“““““`Xiaomi MIJIA Pulsator Washing Machine

Xiaomi MIJIA Pulsator Washing Machine- Price

Its quietness is reduced to 50dB, which is significantly lower than many other washing machines on the market. It is also very convenient to use as it makes your life easier.

The MiJIA Pulsator Washing Machine is a popular washing machine from Xiaomi’s Smart Home line of appliances. It is the largest model in the range of Pulsator washing machines. 

Its 10-kilogram capacity makes it an excellent choice for homes with several people. The MiJIA Pulsator Washer 10kg is currently on pre-order. It is priced at 1,999 yuan, which is about $315.

The Xiaomi MIJIA Pulsator Washer 10kg is one of the top models of the company’s Pulsar washing machines. It has a 10kg capacity and has the highest capacity in the range. 

It is a great option for busy families and is perfect for a small home. Its eight different professional wash programs will suit different needs. In addition to its high capacity, the MiJIA Pulsator also comes with a strong look.

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