Xiaomi TWS 3 Pro Launching in India!! See Specs, Price, Release date

The Xiaomi TWS 3 Pro is a wireless TWS that can be used for music listening. It has a compact design and is available for less than ten thousand rupees. 

The company will also unveil other products such as a smartwatch and speakers. In China, the TWS 3 Pro is already on sale for pre-order. The product will go on sale after the official lacuh of the TWS which is heading nearer to us.

The Xiaomi TWS3 Pro features adaptive active noise cancellation, which can cancel 40dB of ambient noise. It has a spatial audio mode for clear and more resilient speakers which outperforms most of the TWS earbuds in the range.

Xiaomi TWS 3 Pro

Xiaomi TWS 3 Pro- See Full Specs

The Xiaomi TWS 3 Pro has silicon ear tips that fit comfortably. The headphones are also IP55-rated, so they should survive in sweaty environments. The TWS 3 Pro also boasts a stem design and is dust-resistant and water-resistant.

The TWS3 Pro has a wireless charging case that supports the Type-C port for charging. The device offers six hours of battery life and has LHDC 4.0. It is available in Black, Deep Forest Green, and White colors in India. Its Apple AirPods-like design makes it a good choice for many users.

The Xiaomi TWS 3 Pro is a pair of wireless headphones that have the same characteristics as the Apple AirPods Pro. They also feature an IP55-rated construction and a waterproof case. The earbuds are remarkably small compared to the original AirPods.

The earbuds are made of silicone and have a removable and washable silicone ear tip. The Xiaomi TWS3 Pro features a similar design to the Apple AirPods Pro. The TWS3 Pro also has a noise-canceling microphone with an adaptive ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) feature. 

Unlike the AirPods, the Xiaomi TWS 3 Pro can also detect and filter out high-frequency noises. It is compatible with the majority of Android phones. However, the TWS3 can also connect to a Bluetooth-enabled device.

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Xiaomi TWS 3 Pro- Price & Availability

While the Xiaomi TWS3 Pro’s price is a little above the Apple AirPods, it is still a good option for music lovers. 

Its design is sleek, while the sound quality is very good. It’s likely to cost around Rs. 10,000 in India. The earpods was previously launched in China with the price tag of 699 Yuan (roughly around INR 8100 & $ 109).

Unlike other Bluetooth headphones, the TWS3 Pro’s IP55 rating means that it’s more resistant to water and dust than other Bluetooth speakers. The Xiaomi TWS 3 Pro supports touch features and user can easily play or pause the music in just one click. 

With the TWS 3 Pro users can also have vast control over their incoming calls they can hold, cancel, and pickup calls in just a single click but for it you must read the working of Xiaomi TWS 3 Pro first.

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Xiaomi TWS 3 Pro- Compatibility

The Xiaomi TWS3 Pro is a wireless headphone that is compatible with any Bluetooth device no matter which Android or iOS version it is running on. The Xiaomi TWS 3 Pro offers a wireless design which is designed to work with both iOS and Android devices. 

In China, it costs CNY 699 and about Rs.8,000. In the US, it’s available in a number of countries, including the United States. The TWS3 Pro is available in various countries. 

As of now, Xiaomi’s TWS3 Pro headphones are not yet available in India. The company is expected to release the Xiaomi TWS 3 Pro at a similar price to the Flip Buds Pro. 

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Xiaomi TWS 3 Pro- Final Words

There are no specific details about the product’s price, but we do know that it comes in three colour options – white, black, and blue. The TWS3 will be available in both markets.

The Xiaomi TWS3 Pro offers a battery life of six hours and reduces maximum noise by up to 40dB. The headphones also have active noise cancellation and a dual microphone. Combined, these features help to deliver a high-fidelity audio experience.

These headphones are made for listening to music, and they have excellent noise reduction capabilities. They’re water- and dust-resistant, so you can be sure that they’ll last for long periods of time.

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