Apple AR Headset Specs Leaked- Launching in 2022!!!

The Apple AR headset is device launching in the year 2022. It will require an iPhone or Apple Watch to use, and will feature a separate processor. It will also feature up to six or eight optical modules to be able to see the images and video in augmented reality. 

But unlike the iPhone, the AR headset will not be an accessory. Instead, it will be a stand-alone product with high-end VR capabilities. The price tag, however, will be very high.

Rumors suggest that the Apple AR headset will use a processor similar to the one found on the iPhone and MacBook Pro. Kuo says that the device will work separately from the iPhone, as it wants it to be a standalone accessory. 

And since the company aims, it’s important to ensure that the device is independent of the iPhone. If the headset works independently of the iPhone, it will provide a huge edge in the AR market.

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Apple AR Headset Specs

Apple AR Headset- Features

The Apple AR headset will be able to run independently of the iPhone and Mac devices. It will have the same computing power as the Mac M1, but it will have its own ecology. It will support general applications and have its own processor. 

And as with the iPhone, it’s designed to be incredibly comfortable and convenient. In other words, it will be easy to wear. You’ll be able to use it even if you don’t own an iPhone.

Bloomberg analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has suggested that Apple’s AR headset could be ready in 2022. This would mean a $2000 price tag. The AR headset is expected to have avatar-based features and be very similar to the iPhone. 

But we’ll have to wait and see if it will be compatible with the iPhone. And how much does it cost? The company is still trying to build buzz about the headset, and we’re sure it will be a high-end product.

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Apple AR Headset- Expected Price

As the first-ever consumer AR headset, it will be available for $1,500- 2,000. But the company will be able to launch the device independently from the iPhone. But the company’s AR headset will be the first with this capability. 

While it’s expected to be made of plastic, the Apple AR headset will be fully functional with a mac-like computing system. Moreover, it will be compatible with a wide range of apps.

In the beginning, Apple’s AR headset would be similar to the Mac. It would have dual displays, while the other is more expensive. The dual display will allow users to interact with both AR and VR content. 

The AR headset is more likely to be a hybrid device. Aside from the headset, the AR headset may have a contact lens to be able to work with a variety of devices. The iPhone and the iPad will have their own screens.

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Apple AR Headset- Virtual Reality

The AR headset will have a processor that can support virtual reality. In contrast, an iPhone cannot. The iPhone’s processor is not as powerful as the AR headset’s. An Apple AR headset will require a separate processor, which is why it’s more expensive than the iPhone. 

The smartphone, however, will not need to use continuous computing. It will still have the same processor and RAM as the iPhone. Its sensors are also much larger than an iPhone.

Aside from the processors, Apple AR headsets will feature a Sony 4K Micro OLED display, which requires a higher amount of computing power than the iPhone does. The device is also expected to include a holographic display on the lenses. 

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Apple AR Headset- Compatibility

The device will also have a Wi-Fi module that is compatible with smartphones. A smartphone can only support WiFi 6E if it has two bands. It will only support the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.

According to reports, Apple will be launching an AR headset around the end of 2022. It is expected to be a standalone device and will work with other devices that support virtual reality. Similarly, the headset will have a separate display, allowing users to interact with the virtual world and see it in 3D. 

But the actual hardware of the headset is what matters, and the company has to make it work well. Whether the Apple AR headset is truly a standalone device is not clear, but it’s still important to note that it will have a separate processor and a dedicated box.

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