Apple Powerbeats Pro NBA75 Ivory Limited Edition Earbuds Unveiled- Here are the Official Specifications!!!

The new Apple Powerbeats Pro NBA75 Ivory limited edition earbuds have been unveiled, and they are a great addition to any basketball fan’s closet. The white headphones are sweat and water-resistant, and feature silicone ear-hooks to stay securely in place. 

The Beats Pro headphones are powered by Apple’s H1 chip and can last up to 24 hours. The NBA75 Ivory earbuds will be available for purchase at a Better Gift Shop on February 19 for $ 249.99.

The Powerbeats Pro Ivory Limited Edition Earbuds are made with a special design for basketball fans and were created in collaboration with the Better Gift Shop, a fictional museum that sells branded headphones and accessories. These earbuds feature a red and blue ear tip and are white. The sides are inscribed with the NBA logo. Also Read- Benefits of iOS over Android- Here are some amazing factsApple Powerbeats Pro NBA75 Ivory Limited Edition Earbuds

Apple Powerbeats Pro NBA75 Ivory Limited Edition Earbuds- Design

The design is carried over into the packaging and charging case, with the Better Gift Shop’s name on one earbud and the NBA’s logo on the other. The Apple Powerbeats Pro is a wireless earphone that does not require a wire to connect to your iPhone. The H1 chip is also responsible for Hey Siri functionality and more reliable Bluetooth connectivity.  The NBA Powerbeats Pro will retail for $249 and are a limited edition made with collaboration between the NBA and the Better Gift Shop. The earbuds will feature an abstract interpretation of the NBA logo, hand-painted by artist Shay Semple.  They also come with a charging case and packaging with the Better Gift Shop and Apple branding. The earbuds are designed with fitness in mind and will be perfect for active lifestyles. Also Read- Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 Task Force 141 finally official

Apple Powerbeats Pro NBA75 Ivory Limited Edition Earbuds- Performance

The earbuds are adorned with an abstract interpretation of the NBA logo, and the branding is the same on the charging case and packaging. The NBA75 Ivory is a limited edition earbud designed by Apple. The earbuds are made to fit in the ear well, and they look great. Whether you are a basketball fan or not, the NBA75 Ivory is a great gift for the NBA. These basketball-themed earbuds are designed by the Better Gift Shop. These earbuds have an abstract interpretation of the NBA logo, hand-painted by an artist named Shay Semple.  The colors are applied on the packaging and charging case, and they are also branded with the NBA. Aside from being an exclusive product, these earbuds have a few downsides. Also Read- Acer Predator Helios 300 Laptop launched in India

Apple Powerbeats Pro NBA75 Ivory Limited Edition Earbuds- Wrapping Up

The NBA Powerbeats Pro is an excellent choice for any basketball fan. This earbud is a great gift for basketball fans, and the color palette of the earbuds makes them a great way to keep the ears comfortable during long sessions. They cost $249 and look like a dream come true for the NBA and Apple. This earbud is made in collaboration with Better Gift Shop, an iconic Canadian brand. The Powerbeats Pro was designed with the quality of sound in mind. They have upgraded linear piston drivers and pressurized airflow for an exceptional sound.  They have great bass and low distortion, and the audio quality is excellent, which makes them ideal for music fans. If you’re looking for the ultimate pair of basketball headphones, you should try these out. They are sweat-resistant and feature the latest technology for active athletes. Also Read- OnePlus TV Y1S Series finally Unveiled

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