BGMI will Ban Account Permanently on Cheating- See how it will help Genuine Players!!!

BGMI has recently announced that it will ban Account Permanently for Cheating. In a statement to Gamasutra, Krafton said that the new security logic will make it easier for the company to implement a fair gaming environment.

 Earlier, BGMI banned 99,583 accounts within six days. In addition, the gaming platform has enacted a hardware ban against cheaters. Since these measures are often bypassed, it has a good chance to keep fewer cheaters from ruining the game for everyone.

Moreover, BGMI also bans cheating devices and accounts. The new policy is likely to decrease the number of cheaters in the game. 

The company is confident that the drastic action will result in fewer cases of cheating, as players will find it harder to create another account on the same device. 

However, even though permabans can be annoying, they can also help the company prevent the use of such harmful tools.

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BGMI will Ban Account Permanently on Cheating

BGMI will Ban Account Permanently on Cheating- New Policy Glimpse

The new policy is intended to make cheating difficult. It is already difficult for cheaters to get back in the game after their account is blocked. But, the new ban policy will make it more difficult for cheaters. 

As the official BGMI blog points out, the new policy has resulted in more than one lakh BGMI accounts being permanently banned for cheating. If a player uses a cheating device, this may lead to permanent banning.

BGMI has implemented a new policy to make cheaters more difficult to re-enter the game. The system will also prohibit players from creating multiple accounts on the same device, which is why permabans are harder to bypass. 

A permaban will be effective only if the device is not used for cheating. Unless the user is willing to create another account on the same device, they cannot get out of it.

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BGMI will Ban Account Permanently on Cheating- Account Bans

In six days, the company has banned over one lakh BGMI accounts for cheating. This is a huge increase for the game, as many cheaters have used third-party apps to create multiple accounts on the same device. 

Despite the increased risk of banned accounts, the new policy should still be beneficial for players. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to appeal the permaban.

Despite the rigour of the new policy, players should still be aware of the potential consequences of cheating. In six days, the company banned over 1 lakh BGMI accounts for cheating. 

This means that the new bans are more likely to be effective, because people will be more hesitant to use the same device. The game will also be more difficult to circumvent for cheating users than ever before.

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BGMI will Ban Account Permanently on Cheating- Other Details

This new policy may seem harsh to some players, but it is not the first time BGMI has banned cheating accounts. It is only the fourth game in the world to ban an account for cheating. A person can only be banned for one reason: 

If they have multiple accounts on the same device. In a similar manner, cheating accounts can be temporarily banned for one month and then be banned permanently. Hence, a person who repeatedly creates multiple accounts on the same device is not able to access the game.

Despite the widespread debate over cheating, a single permaban can be a good thing for the gaming community. In the first instance, a player who has multiple accounts in the same device will be banned from the game. 

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BGMI will Ban Account Permanently on Cheating- Wrap Up

This is a good thing for everyone because it can make it more difficult for cheaters to get back into the game. For the second, a user with multiple accounts will have to change their account settings.

With a permaban, cheaters will have an extremely hard time getting back into the game. While a ban on one device can be bypassed by creating another account on the same device, a permanent ban will be more difficult to circumvent. 

This new policy will be implemented through the device ID and IP address. It has the potential to prevent a person from acquiring multiple accounts on the same device.

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