GTA 6 Under Developmet Confirms Rockstar- Will be availabile in 2024-25!!!

The franchise developer Rockstar Games has confirmed that GTA 6 is currently in development and is aiming to surpass previous games in several ways. The company says that it will move beyond the current series of games and will release more details soon on its Rockstar Newswire website. 

In the meantime, eager fans will still have to wait almost 10 years for a new game in the GTA series. Despite the long wait, Rockstar has expressed its gratitude to fans for their patience.

Earlier, Rockstar had confirmed that GTA 6 was in development. While we don’t know the exact release date or platform of the game, we do know that the next GTA game will launch in the near future. 

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GTA 6 Under Developmet

GTA 6 Under Development- Playstation & Xbox

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S are currently on the market, and a lot of games are getting cross-gen releases, so it is possible that the game will launch in the next few years on one of these new platforms.

Rumors about GTA 6 development had many fans worried about Rockstar’s future. But the company quickly clarified the rumours and announced that GTA VI will be launched on PlayStation 5 on March 15, 2022. 

At the same time, Grand Theft Auto Online will arrive on Xbox Series X. While the game’s release date is already set, the upcoming news will help fans decide whether they want to wait for the next installment of the franchise or not.

The latest announcement from Rockstar may signal the launch of GTA 6. It is believed that the launch of PS5 and Xbox Series X is a clue. 

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GTA 6 Under Development- One of most Awaiting Game

It’s also likely that the company will be busy updating its two popular online games, Red Dead Online and GTA Online, meanwhile. No official date has been announced for the game, but most rumors point to Vice City’s return.

The release of GTA Online and GTA 6 has been in the public’s eye for years. While the game was released in 1997, its release is still years away. The developer has made a lot of changes since then and will continue to be open about it. 

But the most recent news from Rockstar is good. It means that GTA is now under development. While this is good news for fans, it’s also a bad sign for the gaming industry.

While the game is still in early stages, the rumored release date is a significant milestone. The game is expected to release on October 2023 and is slated to be a continuation of the GTA series. 

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GTA 6 Under Development- Launching Date

The latest leaks have also hinted at a new location for GTA, which could be Miami. However, the developers have not confirmed the location of the game yet. While it could be set in the same city as GTA 5, the setting remains unknown.

Despite a lot of speculations and rumors about the new game, Rockstar has recently confirmed that the game is indeed in active development. While the game’s release date is still uncertain, it’s likely to arrive within the next few years. 

A few years later, it could launch on PS5 or Xbox Series X/S. The release window could be anything from a few years to a few years.

The rumours about GTA 6 development have led to a lot of excitement among GTA fans. The release date was originally a mystery, but the developer has now confirmed a tentative date for the launch of the game. 

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GTA 6 Under Development- Wrapping Up

The game will be available on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X simultaneously. A delayed release date does not mean that the game won’t be ready in time, but the launch date is a big step forward.

As rumours popped up claiming that the new game was being developed, Rockstar’s statement was not surprising. The company also confirmed the game was coming out on PS5 and Xbox Series X. 

While this is still only a tentative date, there’s already been some speculation about the game’s release date. But, the company was quick to clarify that it’s already in active development.

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