Apple Starts Rolling Out iOS 16.2 Beta For Developers- HomeKit Architecture, M1 Chip!!!

As Apple begins rolling out its newest operating system, iOS 16.2, developers will soon have the chance to try it out on their devices. The developer beta of the software was released on June 2, and it’s expected to hit the public beta stage later in July. Apple plans to release the final version of the operating system sometime in fall. While it’s too early to tell whether the public beta of iOS 16 will be better than the developer beta, early users should be aware of the upcoming changes.

One big update coming with iOS 16.2 is the new Emergency SOS reporting prompt. Another major change in the new version is the overhauled HomeKit architecture. The new HomeKit architecture promises to make the operating system more reliable and faster than ever. The iPadOS 16.2 beta also brings back support for the M1 chip’s external display.

The new beta will include numerous features, including improved Siri and an improved lock screen. The new lock screen allows users to add widgets similar to those found on Apple’s smartwatch. An example of this can be seen in the screenshot below. The new beta also contains a ton of new features for Messages, Apple Wallet, and Maps. Users will also be able to test the new unsend iMessage feature, which lets them delete accidental texts with others.

iOS 16.2 Beta

Another new feature that will be included in the beta version is a crash detection feature. This feature will automatically notify emergency services if your iPhone has crashed and will send your location to selected contacts. In addition to the new crash detection feature, iOS 16 will also introduce an app called Freeform, which lets users write and draw simultaneously.

Freeform is another big addition to iOS 16.2, which was teased at WWDC22 back in June. The Freeform app can be used to make sketches, create doodles, and insert media and files. The app is still in beta, and Apple is working out the bugs. However, it will be available to the public later this year.

It is best to avoid using the iOS 16.2 beta on your main device. Although it may work well on most devices, there are some performance and stability problems in beta builds that can cause your device to slow down or even crash. Battery drain and slow-downs while switching between apps are some of the most common problems encountered.

To install iOS 16.2 beta on your iPhone, you must first be a developer. Apple requires developers to have an Apple developer account, which costs $99 per year. Regular users can also enroll in the Apple Developer Program. There are a few more steps to follow before you can use the new iOS firmware.

After installing iOS 16.2 beta, you should be able to roll back to iOS 15.3 if you don’t like the changes. You can also try the beta on your Mac if you find the updates buggy. However, it is recommended to make a backup before installing iOS 16 beta on your iOS device. You can also restore your device to iOS 15.5 if the