Micromax AirFunk 1 Pro Review- The TWS Packed with Decent Features???

The Micromax AirFunk1 Pro is a decent pair of Bluetooth-enabled TWS earphones with a glossy finish and a notification light on the bottom.

Despite being very lightweight, it is still quite durable. The device’s battery life is impressive, at about three hours, and it charges easily.

Its touch controls are also high-quality and are easily accessible. Compared to other Bluetooth-enabled TWS earbuds, this one offers the best value for money.

The Micromax AirFunk 1 Pro is priced at Rs.2,500, and comes in five different colour options. The headphones offer a decent audio experience with a balanced sound, and are comfortable to wear. 

Even at a 70% volume, the microphone can handle complex gestures. The battery life is satisfactory, and the case allows you to charge the device three times before it needs another charge. 

While watching Netflix, the headset does not have lag, but it’s not low enough to be an effective gaming headset.

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Micromax AirFunk 1 Pro

Micromax AirFunk 1 Pro- Features & Connectivities

The Micromax AirFunk1 Pro features a single 13mm dynamic driver per earcup. The phone also comes with a Qualcomm QCC3040 SoC for wireless connectivity. 

It also supports the AAC, SBC, and Qualcomm aptX codecs. Moreover, the Micromax AirFunk1 Pro is water- and dust-resistant, and it comes with an auxiliary cable for charging.

The Micromax AirFunk1 Pro is a Bluetooth 5.2 earphone. It has respectable audio quality, good voice quality, and noise suppression, and is fairly comfortable to use. 

The Bluetooth earphone also has a decent battery life, which means you can listen to music for a couple of days without having to charge it again. In addition, the Touch controls on the headset make it easy to adjust the volume and change songs.

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Micromax AirFunk 1 Pro- Audio Quality

The Micromax AirFunk1 Pro has good voice quality, and it has a very long battery life. Its audio quality is decent as well, and it is very quiet when compared to other Bluetooth earphones. 

However, the volume touch controls on the device are very sensitive. While the AirFunk1 Pro is a good TWS earphone for most purposes, it does not have the bass you may be looking for in a Bluetooth earbud.

The Micromax AirFunk1 Pro is an affordable Bluetooth earphone with a decent battery life. The headphones are very comfortable and offer decent audio quality, but they can be quite noisy and have a small volume range. 

As for its price, the Micromax AirFunk1 Pro is an excellent budget-friendly option that is perfect for most people. Its size and battery life make it ideal for everyday use.

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Micromax AirFunk 1 Pro- Connectivities

The Micromax AirFunk1 Pro features a single 13mm dynamic driver in each earpiece. The Micromax AirFunk 1 Pro supports Bluetooth 5.2, but it does not support NFC. 

The microphone is not waterproof. The sound quality is decent and the microphone is good. The earphones have a decent battery life, which is good considering their price. They also offer a charging case with touch controls.

The Micromax AirFunk1 Pro is a Bluetooth 5.1 TWS earphone that has respectable audio quality. Its bass is prominent and has a good noise-suppression system. 

Its battery life is decent, and it has a decent touch interface for volume control. The battery life is also good. The Micromax AIRFunk 1 Pro is a good budget option for gamers who are looking for a pair of TWS earphones.

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Micromax AirFunk 1 Pro- Conclusion

The Micromax AirFunk 1 Pro has decent audio quality. It has good voice clarity and noise-suppression capabilities. Its battery life is acceptable, and it is IP44-water-resistant. 

The AirFunk 1 Pro is a good choice for music lovers, but it may not be the right choice for everyone. A good pair of earbuds can make a difference in your listening experience.

The Micromax AirFunk 1 Pro is a good option for consumers who want to enjoy music without a wire. Its 13mm dynamic driver is located on each earpiece and is powered by a Qualcomm QCC 3040 chip. 

The earphones also feature noise cancellation and ambient noise reduction, making them a good choice for people with hearing difficulties. Similarly, they are water-resistant and dust-proof.

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