Microsoft is Adding these Games to Xbox Game Pass on Dec 16!!!

Microsoft is extending its Xbox Game Pass lineup by adding five more games on December 16. While not AAA titles, these games are still worth checking out, especially if you already subscribe to the service. 

You can circle this date on your calendar if you want to take advantage of these additions! After all, you only have to pay for the games once, and you can enjoy them on any device.

The Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service that lets you download games on a regular basis. The service includes games from all platforms, including the Xbox One and Xbox 360. 

It also offers backward compatibility, so you can play your Xbox 360 games on any console. As a bonus, you can play Halo Infinite and its multiplayer mode on the Xbox One for free. While some people have been put off by the game’s progression, most gamers have given the game a thumbs up.

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Microsoft is Adding these Games to Xbox Game Pass on Dec 16

Microsoft is Adding these Games to Xbox Game Pass on Dec 16- Added Games

There are several games available for the Xbox Game Pass, and a few others are on the way. The first batch of games are called ANVIL, Archvale, and Final Fantasy 13-2, and they will be added to the service in December. 

The second batch of games, including Stardew Valley, will be added later this month. You can purchase an Xbox Game Pass right now for only $3.99. If you’re thinking about signing up for the service, don’t delay! You can also download these games on your computer by visiting Microsoft’s website.

Usually, the announcement of the Xbox Game Pass includes games from the Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox 360 through backward compatibility. The Xbox Game Stream also features original Xbox titles through backward compatibility. 

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Microsoft is Adding these Games to Xbox Game Pass on Dec 16- Other Details

The Xbox Game Pass adds a new game, or two, from Microsoft or third-party developers. For example, Halo Infinite is scheduled to be added to the Xbox Game Stream. The Xbox Game Pass will even allow you to play Halo Online and other games from Rare’s library.

Additionally, there are a number of games coming to Xbox Game Pass on December 16. The first of these, Shredders, will be available on the Xbox One. 

Other games that will be added to the service include The Gunk, and Halo Infinite. Those with the Game Pass will be able to play both the multiplayer and campaign modes, and the service will be updated regularly.

The Xbox Game Pass will feature games from the Xbox Series X/S and Xbox 360. It will also feature games from the original Xbox. Another great option is the Xbox One. With the Xbox One, you can access all the games in the series. 

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Microsoft is Adding these Games to Xbox Game Pass on Dec 16- Wrap Up

The PlayStation 4 will also have Halo Infinite and Starfield. Lastly, there are other games coming to the Xbox. The list includes PC, Xbox Series X, and PlayStation 4 titles.

You don’t have to wait for December to see which games will be added to Xbox Game Pass. Some of the titles already added to the service will be available on the subscription service. 

Those who subscribe to the service will also be able to access the games that were previously on the store shelves. This will give you access to a plethora of games that you can play.

If you are planning to sign up for Xbox Game Pass, you should know that you can access games from the Xbox Series X/S and PC. 

Not only will you be able to play your favorite games, but you’ll also get to experience a wide range of genres, from RPGs to Action games. The Xbox Game pass will include both classic and modern games, and you can subscribe to the program that best suits your needs.

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