MSI GE66 Raider laptop review- Is it Worth Buying?

The MSI GE66 Raider is a 15.6-inch gaming notebook with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and a 240Hz refresh rate. It features a Gunmetal Aston Martin-inspired design and a discrete Nvidia RTX 3070 GPU.

It comes with a 2400mAh battery and 16GB of RAM. This gaming notebook is one of the most expensive laptops from MSI, but it has a great price-to-performance ratio.

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MSI GE66 Raider laptop- Design

The GE66 Raider’s ultra-angular design has made it a great gaming laptop. The display is large and possesses a 3ms response time, which is a good thing for gamers.

 The keyboard is easy to use and features RGB lighting. A custom light show is available in 35 colors and is customizable. The screen is a nice touch and lets you play games in low-light conditions.

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MSI GE66 Raider laptop review

MSI GE66 Raider laptop- Ports & Peripherals

MSI’s GE66 Raider is a fully-functional gaming laptop with top connectivity. It has two USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports and an SD card reader. It also offers Wi-Fi 6E for low latency and keeps your network smooth. 

The GE66 Raider has a sleek design and a surprisingly high resolution. We were impressed by the GE66 Raider’s performance and thermals.

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MSI GE66 Raider laptop- Battery

Unlike the GE65, the GE66 Raider has a larger footprint than its predecessor, and it has a hump behind the screen for the IO and thermal design. 

The hump makes it easier to fit a large battery in the machine, which is a plus. The GE66 Raider’s keyboard is a mixed bag. Despite its oversized size, the hump allows the company to fit more components in the machine.

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MSI GE66 Raider laptop- Sound

The MSI GE66 Raider has a solid and sturdy design, but the speakers are not as good. The laptop’s sound is flat, and you’ll likely need headphones for audio. The built-in speakers can be loud but the screen is only 145 degrees. 

This means that the MSI GE66 Raider doesn’t have the best audio quality. It’s not worth the extra money for its large and heavy chassis.

Although the MSI GE66 Raider’s chassis is unobtrusive, it does not lack for performance. Its silver aluminum finish is a pleasant surprise, and it has an embossed MSI logo that’s a little different from the GE66’s flat logo. 

The GE66’s keyboard and trackpad are both solid and easy to use. Its screen is bright and responsive. The backlit keys are easily accessible, and the display is bright. The brushed metal accents that give it its stylish look.

The MSI GE66 Raider is visually appealing. The machine features dual 2-W speaker units and is very eye-catching. The chassis is very cool to the touch, which means it won’t get hot or overheat. Nonetheless, the GE66 Raider is a solid choice for digital creatives. If you want to play live games, the processor is capable of supporting high-quality video content.

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MSI GE66 Raider laptop- Battery & Storage

The GE66 Raider has a massive 100-watt battery. The GE66 Raider has a hefty 512GB SSD and has a 256GB SSD. Its impressive performance makes it a worthy buy for serious gamers. The GE66 is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to enjoy the latest games. However, the GE66 isn’t for everyone. You should consider the price.

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MSI GE66 Raider laptop- Screen Specs

The MSI GE66 Raider is a gaming notebook with a 15.6-inch display with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The display is bright, and you can use the keyboard with your mouse to play games. The GE66 Raider also has an integrated webcam, making it a perfect option for watching movies. Besides its excellent performance, the GE66 Raider has a slim, elegant design that will fit nicely in your hand.

The MSI GE66 Raider’s screen is impressive for gaming. Its 240Hz refresh rate and 3ms response time are impressive. Unlike some other laptops, it has a large and shallow bezel. The GE66 Raider’s keyboard has a matte black surface and a glossy aluminum lid. The GE66 Raider’s design is stylish and functional. Its IPS-style display is good enough for video-editing, but the 240Hz refresh rate is not enough for humans.

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