Nokia N139DL (TA-1398) with KaiOS & Flip Design Certified by FCC- See Full Details!!!

The FCC has certified the Nokia N139DL, a new feature phone with KaiOS and a flip design. The TA-1398 model number indicates that this phone is a dual-SIM device. 

It is currently shipping in China and has already collected certificates from other countries. The N139DL’s flip design is the first of its kind, so it will probably be a good buy.

This phone is a successor to the Nokia X series, which debuted the first foldable smartphone. The phone supports both 4G and 2.4GHz wireless networks. It will be available in Europe soon. 

The phone has also passed WiFi certification. If this is the same device as the N139DL, it may be launching soon. However, the FCC certification process for this phone is not complete.

The Nokia N139DL is expected to be released in Europe soon. It looks a lot like the Nokia 2720 4G. It will come with a 1450 mAh battery. This is a huge plus for a low-cost smartphone. 

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Nokia N139DL (TA-1398) with KaiOS & Flip Design Certified by FCC

Nokia N139DL (TA-1398) with KaiOS & Flip Design Certified by FCC- Network Support

The listing also mentions that it will support 4G. It will be powered by the KaiOS 3.0 operating system. It will support 2.4GHz and 4G networks.

The FCC certification for Nokia N139DL TA-1398 suggests that it is the next Nokia smart feature phone with KaiOS.

It may even be the continuation of the X series, as it has a flip design and a 1450 mAH battery. In any case, it is possible that the Nokia N139DL will be released anytime soon.

It supports 2.4GHz and 4G wireless networks. It may launch soon in Europe. But it is unclear when it will be launched. But once it has passed the FCC certification, it could enter the European market anytime.

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Nokia N139DL (TA-1398) with KaiOS & Flip Design Certified by FCC- KaiOS

The N139DL TA 1398 with Kai OS has passed the FCC certification. This smartphone may be the next KaiOS smart feature phone. It has been listed on the WiFi certification website earlier. 

According to reports, the Nokia N139DL TA 1398 has been certified by the FCC. The new Nokia smartphone may be the N139DL, TA 1398. The new smartphone has already passed the FCC certification in India and China. 

HMD Global, the company behind Nokia, recently announced the Nokia G50, a feature phone with Finnish quality and price. The latest smartphones will be available in Europe and the US in the coming weeks.

The Nokia N139DL is believed to be the first KaiOS smart feature phone. Earlier, the phone was listed on the WiFi certification website. Now, it is possible that this phone may be on the market in Europe. 

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Nokia N139DL (TA-1398) with KaiOS & Flip Design Certified by FCC- Connectivities


If the device is certified by the FCC in the US, it is likely to be a Nokia smart featurephone. It could be the first KaiOS Flip phone to be approved by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission. 

It is likely to come with a 1450 mAh battery and 4G. The N139DL also has WiFi certification. The handset will be a dual-SIM phone.

The Nokia N139DL TA 1398 with Wi-Fi certification is a good sign that the device will be compatible with 4G. Previously, the only KaiOS phone was the Nokia 2720 4G. Now, the company is planning to release more KaiOS phones to the European market, and it is possible that the N139DL will be listed soon.

While smartphone UI creators focus on advanced features, the KaiOS team has prioritized simplicity. The TA 1398 with KaiOS is certified by the FCC. Its design is minimalist and intuitive, which makes it perfect for use on feature phones. 

The phone also uses physical keys for interaction. The user can select apps by pressing on the keypad. The TA 1398 with KaiOS has the flip design and has a flip screen.

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