OnePlus announced Red Cable Program in Europe- See Full Informations

The OnePlus Red Cable Membership Program is a new way for OnePlus users to get free goodies and extras. The club offers exclusive discounts and benefits, such as a 50% discount on replacement batteries and extended device support. 

It even provides discounts on out-of-warranty product repairs. However, it does not work for older OnePlus devices. But don’t worry. You can still join the Red Cable Club and get free gifts.

If you are a fan of OnePlus and want to have a membership, the Red Cable Club is the perfect option. The program offers 50GB of free cloud storage space. 

That’s more than enough space to store all your pictures, videos, and documents. Plus, if you buy the Red Cable Club, you’ll also get free shipping and support for your device. There’s no limit to the benefits, either, so make sure you join before the first month ends.

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OnePlus announced Red Cable Program in Europe

OnePlus announced Red Cable Program in Europe- Benefits

Besides the benefits of the Red Cable Club, OnePlus also provides a free extended warranty for OnePlus smartphones. It also gives you free cloud storage, which is an invaluable asset for mobile users. You can also participate in weekly and monthly draws to win exciting prizes.

The latest jackpot ended a couple of weeks ago, and you can join in. You can also sign up for the Red Cable membership program for a chance to win a $500 cash prize, 50% off Bullets Wireless 2 earphones, and more.

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OnePlus announced Red Cable Program in Europe- How to Enroll

For the Red Cable Membership Program, you need to have a OnePlus phone running Android 10. Before you can enroll, you must download the OnePlus Care app to ensure that your phone is a OnePlus. 

This app will help verify whether your phone is an OnePlus device or not. The program is available only for OnePlus phones. The OnePlus Red Cable Club is the best way for OnePlus users to keep their devices safe.

Red Cable Club is a free membership program for OnePlus users in Europe. The members of the Red Cable Club will have access to exclusive benefits and discounts on OnePlus products. 

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OnePlus announced Red Cable Program in Europe- Discounts

For instance, you can get a 10% discount on the OnePlus Watch or a 20% discount on the Bullets Wireless 2 earphones. And if you’re a fan of audiophiles, you can get 50% off on the OnePlus Audio product.

The Red Cable Club is a community of OnePlus users who want to get the most out of the OnePlus premium plan. Members of the club will have access to exclusive features and offers, including OnePlus Care Benefits. 

These benefits include a 50% discount on battery replacements and free Cloud storage. Lastly, Red Cable club members can participate in the Red Cable Jackpot, a daily draw that offers curated gift boxes worth Rs. 1 lakh.

The Red Cable Club was recently updated, offering special benefits for OnePlus users. Among the new benefits, you can get an extended warranty for your phone and discount battery replacements. 

The membership plan for OnePlus is available for both Android and iOS devices. The Red Cable Club is free to join and activate for one OnePlus smartphone. 

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OnePlus announced Red Cable Program in Europe- T&C

You can sign up once per device. There are no terms or conditions, and you can join at any time.

To join the Red Cable Club, you must have a OnePlus 6 or a Red Cable Insider. You must have a OnePlus account to get the benefits. 

The OnePlus Red Cable Club offers members an extended warranty and a 50% discount on battery replacement. The Red Cable Club is a great benefit for OnePlus users, so sign up now. If you’re not sure if you want to join, go ahead and try it out.

The Red Cable membership program offers a variety of rewards. Members can get a curated gift box worth INR one lakh, 50% off on OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2, and many other benefits. 

The Red Cable membership program also offers a chance to win other prizes. A few of these prizes that you can win through the Red CABLE are: (1) You can win a chance to win a OnePlus phone, which is currently limited in the US. 

Moreover, you can receive the latest news about a new OnePlus music player and more.

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