Philips Hue Smartlights Launched- Lighting for both Indoors & Outdoors

The new app for Philips Hue Smart lights is finally here. The update will allow you to control the lights in your home through your mobile device. 

As we’ve discussed in previous posts, this new app promises to improve performance, make controls easier to use, and streamline automations. But what can you expect when the app is released? We’ll take a closer look at the new features.

The app is no longer crucial, but it does provide a number of features that you can use with the light. It has long been open to third-party apps, like IFTTT and Logitech.  The new app will also be compatible with Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant, allowing you to set the lights to respond to voice commands and recognize objects around you. With this new app, you’ll have access to a whole host of features, including geofence and scheduling. Also Read- WhatApp Community Home Features is live on Android

Philips Hue Smart lights- Designs

The Philips Hue Lucca and Resonate are a good example of modern design. The round shape and black bands are sleek and modern. They connect to the Philips Hue Bridge to allow the bulbs to communicate with the app and Apple HomeKit.  The Hue bridge was updated in April of 2016 to the square v2 model, with increased memory and processing speed. The Hue bridge also received its final software update in April 2020. After that, the bridge is no longer compatible with web servers and is no longer supported by the company. If you own Hue bulbs, you can download the app for free from Apple’s App Store or Google Play store. The app will guide you through the installation process.  You can use the same settings, scenes, and routines as before, as long as they’re still in your device. The Philips Hue App will allow you to manage your lights from one mobile device or from several. The new software is available for free in the US and Europe. Also Read- Micromax IN Note 2 Smartphone launched
Philips Hue Smartlights Launched

Philips Hue Smart lights- Controller

Philips Hue lights are connected to a central controller called the Hue Bridge. This bridge is the hub of the lighting system, allowing the bulbs to connect to the app and Apple HomeKit.  Signify hopes to soon launch immersive entertainment lighting, based on music. And they’ve just launched the new Starter Kit with Siri. This means that the lights will now work with smart devices that support the Matter standard. The Hue Bridge is the central controller for the Philips Hue smartlights. The Bridge is the interface between the bulb and the app. The Hue Bridge can be controlled using the app or by a smartphone.  The two bridges can communicate with each other through Bluetooth or WiFi. The new versions are compatible with Apple HomeKit and the new firmware versions can be installed on both. The firmware updates also allow users to control the lighting system from different locations. Also Read- Morefine M6 Pocket-Sized PC- Will run on Intel Celeron N5105

Philips Hue Smart lights- Compatibility

The Philips Hue Bridge is the central controller for the lighting system. It connects to the Philips Hue app or Apple HomeKit to control the lighting. The bridge can be used to control the lights and the app is a free app that can be used to control the lights in the home. The smart light’s range is limited by Bluetooth, so the square version is more suitable for indoor lighting. The Philips Hue Bridge is the central controller for the entire lighting system. It allows the bulbs to communicate with the Philips Hue app and Apple HomeKit. The round v1 bridge was replaced by a square v2 bridge in 2016. The new version has more memory and a faster processor. It was discontinued by Philips in April 2020, but will still be available through the app. The new products come in black and white. The Inara wall light, for example, is an upright light bar. The Lucca light has a stainless steel cover. Both Philips Hue Signe smart lights are controlled by the Philips Hue app.  The app allows users to customize their lighting and use them wherever they want. And it can be connected to other products and other devices. The two bridges are not compatible with each other. Also Read- Lenovo Halo Gaming Smartphone launch date Tipped