Snapchat launched Smart Lenses, Filters, & Stickers for Indians on 26 Jan 2022

In celebration of 73rd Republic Day, Snap has launched a new series of geofilters and stickers for India. The collection includes hyperlocal and Bitmoji filters, which are exclusive to the country. 

The social network is also launching an influencer marketing campaign in collaboration with Indian content creators to promote the launch of event-specific lenses on devices.

In collaboration with the World Health Organization, Snap has launched two new lenses promoting awareness of COVID-19. The social media platform is urging users to stay at home and wash their hands.
The new filters will be available in the carousel and Lens Explorer on 1 April. Diwali stickers will be available in India this week. To find out more about these stickers, go to the Diwali filters tab in the app. A new set of filters will celebrate Diwali, such as lanterns and fireworks. The social media platform will also launch a custom Diwali Snap Map design. The app will also offer Hindi Bitmoji Stickers. 

Additionally, the social media giant will launch hyperlocal geofilters for 20 Indian cities, as well as new Bitmojis. In addition, Snapchat has launched a special Diwali filter that will allow users to add a song to their snaps. Besides the geofilters, Snap has also launched occasion-specific lenses. These special filters are designed for the five days of Diwali, and will feature images of fireworks and lanterns. 

The filters can be sent to friends and family within the chat or sent to a friend’s device. The company is working with all major Android OEMs in India, including Samsung and Vivo, to create an OEM-specific campaign focused on Indian creators. In addition to the new filters, Snap has also introduced day-specific lenses for Diwali. Users can add songs to their snaps by clicking the emoji icon on the right side of their Snapchat button. 

For Diwali themed stickers, users can send them to their friends within the chat. For more festive fun, the Snap camera has also introduced a special video-game mode, which will allow users to record short clips of themselves playing games. The new filters can be added to any snap. You can also send stickers to friends and family. To make a Diwali filter, tap on the emoji icon in the right corner of your Snap button. 

You can then select the filter you wish to use. Alternatively, you can choose the stickers to send to other Snapchat users. If you like the Diwali emoji stickers, simply share them with your friends. In celebration of Republic Day, Snap launched special AR lenses and stickers, which are available on the Snap app. The filters are available in the Search and Lens Explorer and will be available for 24 hours on the day of the festival. 

The brand has also introduced the new Diwali sticker and filter sets for Indians. It is important to be aware of the latest health information, as you never know what might come in your way. The new lenses will be available on Snap. The lenses will help users learn six different Indian languages. The user can scan the Snapcode or search for ‘learn language’ on the Explore tab to see the available filters and stickers. 

The filters are available on Snapchat’s Explore page and will be available on the app for the rest of the month. The stickers will help users learn the languages of their chosen countries. In celebration of Diwali, Snap has launched special day-specific lenses for Diwali. In addition, the new filters will feature images of fireworks and lanterns, which are popular in India. 

Moreover, it will also feature a Devotional music playlist and four special skins for Diwali. You can create your own themed stickers and use them on the app to commemorate the occasion.